Station B is about to leave! The opening and writing eyes are tucking up, and make complaints about two times.

I believe that friends who like to visit the circle of two dimensions will see some interesting or wonderful things. For example, some netizens could not tell who the two roles are, willette and FGO Bedwell. It really looks very similar. < / P > < p > in our busy life, we also need to travel occasionally. Most of the time we travel, we take the train. It happens that there is a railway station. It may be because there is no maintenance for too long that the light of the name of the station sign is not on. Finally, only a left ear and a station word are lit up. < / P > < p > intuitively, this railway station is very similar to the well-known “station B”. Here, there are a lot of friends joking that the bus leading to station B is about to leave! < / P > < p > recently, there is a very interesting topic, that is, a netizen suspected of himself, so he went to the doctor on the information network and said that he was 18 years old and had not started writing lunyan. Is this normal?

there are many people here watching the fun, the doctor thought this guy was a little bit strange, asking such questions, and the two dimension and reality were not clear, which caused everyone to make complaints about it. As for the doctor’s right, it depends on what you think. < / P > < p > there is a saying that is always ridiculed, that is, “a Zhai’s money is so good to cheat”, and there is a comparison between “two-dimensional buyer’s show and seller’s show”, which is often ridiculed. Many people say that they will not buy secondary meta products.

reason why, because they did not buy real products, recently, a girl who bought two times beauty mask, in order to maintain her skin, occasionally attached to the two yuan beauty mask when she was on the spur of the moment, but she felt that the film was cheated with the classic story of “Buyer show and seller show”.

actually, she was not cheated. You carefully observed that the two mask has a slim two dollar girl, but in the lower left corner there is a two face head with a big face. The effect is the same as that of the girl who has pasted two yuan beauty mask.

saw here, I believe you have found that, two times beauty mask is not deceived me, this is not what “buyers show and seller show”, routine can only be said more and more, this is really not what “ah house money really good cheat” so simple.

whether it is “B station” car to open, or 18 years old has not written round the eye is not normal, or the two beauty mask to feel cheated, these are actually our life is particularly interesting example. < / P > < p > the article is edited and published by “acparadise”. Please do not reprint it without authorization. The picture comes from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact to delete it. 08/16/2020