Stay up late hurt liver, get up in the morning will have 4 kinds of symptoms, if no one, liver is still good

With the improvement of living standards, our modern people pay more attention to health. Many people want to be healthier and live as long as possible.

but if you want to live a long and healthy life, eating well is obviously not enough. Modern science believes that a healthy body, under the premise of a reasonable diet, scientific and regular daily habits are also crucial.

they may think that staying up late to hurt the liver is not good for their health, but as long as they are young enough to survive, their body can repair the damage.

However, it can not be ignored that there are few sensory nerves distributed on the liver, so we can not “feel” the changes of our own cases in time.

as the saying goes, “sleep is the best tonic for the body”, traditional Chinese medicine also says that “when people lie down, the blood returns to the liver”. Modern science believes that regular and adequate sleep habits play an important role in protecting the endocrine system of the body and improving the body’s own resistance.

if you feel obviously dry and bitter after getting up, and you have a strong bad breath, not only others feel uncomfortable, but sometimes you are smoked. Some may not be able to alleviate the mouth brushing, which needs attention, or the liver is not good to send out a hint.

staying up late hurts the liver. What does it hurt? The main thing is to consume Yin blood. Liver blood deficiency, yin deficiency heat, on the contrary, there is burning body fluid, so there is obvious tone.

often stays up late, if the first bubble after getting up, the color of the urine is yellow like tea, and at the same time it will also have a lot of bubbles. Generally, it is also a little bit bad in liver and metabolic damage.

for example, the increase of bilirubin will lead to the deepening of urine color. And bilirubin rises, general clew is liver a bit bad. At this time obviously can’t ignore, had better go to check in time, recuperate.

after a whole night’s sleep, a normal person is full of vitality and spirit. At this time, the face will be white, red and shiny.

. This kind of dark face is also a sign of bad liver. Because the liver is the body’s largest metabolic factory, the liver is not good, metabolic capacity decline, a lot of metabolism and can not be decomposed and excreted in time, silting up in the body, so it leads to bad face.

for those who stay up late for a long time, if they still lose appetite after getting up and washing, or their mouth is greasy, any delicious food can’t catch their appetite. At this time, most of the liver is a bit bad tips.

in short, it’s better not to ignore the above four symptoms after getting up. If you don’t have any, congratulations – the liver is well maintained.

Lycium barbarum: Lycium barbarum is a traditional medicine for nourishing liver. Lycium barbarum polysaccharide is known as “the patron saint of men”, which can delay aging and improve liver tolerance.

the organic compatibility of the above herbs and foods has a good function of nourishing and protecting the liver. People who stay up late for a long time, or drink and socialize, can click the card below to learn.

after alcohol enters the body, the liver is the only place for catabolism. From ethanol to acetaldehyde, the final degradation of acetic acid can be discharged from the body. Long term alcoholism, the metabolic burden of the liver may be overburdened.

most foods will produce Aspergillus flavus after mildew, such as peanut, beans, fruits, etc. Aflatoxin has a specific harmful effect on liver cells, and is also one of the strong carcinogens recognized by who. Therefore, to keep the food fresh and avoid eating moldy food is also what the liver needs to do. Luanban