Stomach began to become “bad”, after meals or there are five kinds of “abnormal”, we should pay attention to

With the rapid development of society and the improvement of people’s living standards, more and more delicacies come into people’s view and become the food on people’s table. However, it is precisely because of the diversity of choices that the stomach, as the largest organ of people’s digestive tract, is more and more poisoned by various cooking methods and “seasonings”, especially with the economic development, people’s appetite for food What we eat and drink will do more harm to the stomach and cause the pathological changes of the intestines and stomach.

but many people think that stomach disease is a trivial matter. After all, ten people have nine stomach, most people even feel pain even if they feel sick. They are all right. But with such an idea, the incidence rate of gastric cancer is rising year by year, and even the age of ten years old. The gastric cancer is the second largest cancer in the world, because the cancer of stomach is also gone. Not in a few, so, in the emergence of gastric initial symptoms, also ask people to cause a sufficient attention. < / P > < p > because no matter the organs of the body are “damaged”, the body will give “reminders”. If you know and pay attention to these reminders earlier, everything will be different, and the stomach can be “saved” in time. < / P > < p > the bloating here is not the bloating of overeating, but the bloating will occur if you eat a little, and this kind of situation is not the same Most of them are caused by problems and disorders in the digestive system of the stomach, or by the presence of “Helicobacter pylori” on the surface of the gastric mucosa, because Helicobacter pylori is the most common bacteria in gastric diseases, which can cause more than 75% of gastrointestinal diseases. < / P > < p > obvious abdominal pain occurs within half an hour after eating, but in the early stage, the general duration will not be too long, that is, the constant patience will pass, but do not think that you can let it go, because this situation is mostly frequent recurrence, and at this time, the damage to the stomach is not light, and severe pain Can develop into gastric colic, the last will be almost unbearable. < / P > < p > when most people have stomach problems, they will have diarrhea soon after eating food. This is that the stomach has been unable to digest and absorb food normally, and this situation should be paid more attention. < / P > < p > if the stomach is really infected with Helicobacter pylori, and the number of Helicobacter pylori seriously exceeds the standard, it will affect the nerves near the stomach. Some people even have persistent hiccups for more than ten hours. < / P > < p > once there is a problem in the stomach, it will affect a normal secretion of gastric juice, leading to secretion disorder, causing acidosis, and even some people often feel heartburn and nausea. There is a burning feeling in the stomach. This situation must not be ignored. Go to the hospital for a specific examination. < / P > < p > to ensure the normal intake time of three meals a day is a great help to the digestive function of the stomach. If the diet is too irregular, there will be gastric dysfunction, resulting in damage and injury to the gastric mucosa. < / P > < p > the damage of alcohol to gastric mucosa is absolutely not small, which will lead to the problem of abnormal secretion of gastric mucosa. Especially when drinking on an empty stomach, there is also the risk that gastric acid can directly contact the gastric mucosa and corrode the gastric wall. Therefore, it is often reported in the news that gastric perforation is the reason, so for the health of your stomach, you should try not to drink as much as possible If you want to drink, make sure you drink when you have food in your stomach after eating. < / P > < p > do not think that eating salt will only lead to high blood pressure, but if the daily intake of salt exceeds the standard, the harm must be more than high blood pressure, high salt diet will cause extensive damage to the gastric mucosa, and slowly damage the stomach organs, bring irreparable consequences, so please reduce the daily intake of salt, especially some pickles, bacon and sausages People who have stomach diseases must not eat anything. < / P > < p > drinking water can help the stomach to digest effectively, and water, as the source of all things, can help the human body. Drinking water at the right time is very important, so it is necessary to make sure that you can’t drink too much water in two time periods. It is not recommended to drink a lot of water after a meal and drink water while eating, because both of them will dilute the gastric juice and increase the gastric function Part of the burden of digestion of food, slowly will accumulate into stomach disease. < / P > < p > therefore, the most reasonable drinking time is to drink the first glass of water in the morning and an hour before meals, which will help to take away the garbage left in the stomach overnight, increase the sense of satiety, and slow down the problem of excessive amount caused by eating too fast. Therefore, drinking water at the right time will have a multiplier effect. At this time, you can make some stomach nourishing tea with Chinese herbal ingredients such as cassia seed, lotus leaf, barley, bamboo leaf, orange peel, etc. < / P > < p > yuweihui green tea – through the layer upon layer screening of various Chinese herbal medicines, we finally selected the above Chinese herbal medicine ingredients for stomach nourishing, committed to creating the most natural stomach nourishing effect, slowly nourishing the stomach in a nourishing way, building a new barrier with the stomach, and giving the stomach a chance of “rebirth”. < / P > < p > lotus leaf: not only has antioxidant effect, but also can improve the digestive ability of the body, reduce the absorption of lipids and carbohydrates, and help the metabolism of the stomach. < / P > < p > as long as you start to nourish your stomach from now on, you will never be afraid of being late, because no serious stomach disease is instantaneous, and it can never be a very serious disease. Therefore, as long as you pay enough attention, you can play the corresponding rescue effect. < / P > < p > people themselves are not a static species, so daily exercise can effectively accelerate the metabolic cycle of the body, and naturally strengthen the digestive function of the stomach. Therefore, daily use of effective time for more reasonable and suitable exercise. Of course, remember not to exercise just after eating or an hour before going to bed, which will cause stomach cancer Acid reflux and nausea occurred in the Department. Luanban