“Stomach expert” has been found, often serve on the table, repair gastric mucosa, stomach disease dare not come

Introduction: each of us may not care enough about every organ in our body. The stomach can store the food we eat, help us digest, promote the nutrition we absorb, and make our body more healthy. We are not afraid of stomach diseases and torture ourselves. Spicy food is a favorite food for all of us. It can stimulate our taste buds and make our appetite better. With drinks, our taste buds can be more satisfied with this taste. Eating spicy food once in a while can eliminate moisture in our body. However, if we often eat spicy food, it will damage our gastric mucosa. < / P > < p > the spicy strips, hot slices and hot pot barbecue we like to eat all belong to greasy food. Besides, we always eat fried chicken and hamburger. These are fast food, which will do great harm to our stomach, because if the food we eat is too greasy, our stomach will not be able to digest and increase the burden on our stomach. < / P > < p > do we all like to eat pickles, sauerkraut and some other pickled foods? These foods are very delicious, which can stimulate our taste buds and make us feel sour and refreshing. We may have nothing to eat less at ordinary times. If you eat too much acid, the acidity of our stomach exceeds the standard, which will play a heartburn effect. Broccoli and cauliflower are not the same. If we often eat broccoli, you will find that the total nutritional value of broccoli is higher than that of cauliflower. The vitamins in broccoli can help us not digest, reduce the burden on the stomach, make the stomach work faster and maintain our health. < / P > < p > if we eat too much sour food, it will lead to excessive acidity in our stomach and acid reflux will occur. At this time, we can drink more milk, which will neutralize the acidity in our stomach, so that the acid-base balance in the stomach will make our stomach more comfortable and less uncomfortable. < / P > < p > the water we drink every day is just to supplement our body’s water needs, but the water we drink does not help us. We can choose a health preserving method to nourish our stomach. There are records in magpie: Hericium erinaceus, clove, seabuckthorn, chicken Neijin, Gardenia jasminoides, bergamot, hawthorn, which can be used as medicine and food The dual role can play a role in protecting our stomach. When cooking porridge, we can put some of them into powder and soak them in water. This is what the old Chinese medicine often says: nourishing the stomach and eating the same source. < p > < p > Hericium erinaceus: it can nourish blood, strengthen the kidney and spleen. When we have dyspepsia, we can eat Hericium erinaceus, abdominal distension, insomnia and dreaminess, and it can also help treat cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Eating Hericium erinaceus can strengthen our body. Clove: when we have flatulence, we can drink it with water. It can also cure stomachache and vomiting. It can also improve digestion. When our stomach is very cold, it can warm our stomach, cure our hiccups and relieve pain. < p > < p > Seabuckthorn: it can strengthen the body and spleen, and neutralize the acidity of our stomach. It is mild and slightly sour, and slightly astringent. It can treat dyspepsia or can’t eat. It also has the effect of regulating menstruation and reducing gastric ulcer. < / P > < p > we never consider the feeling of our stomach when we are eating and drinking outside. Now there is a kind of tea bag that can help us to take care of our stomach. We are not afraid that it will be hurt. We only need a tea bag and a cup of boiling water. What are you waiting for. < p > < p > conclusion: when we eat and drink, we must consider that the stomach is working for us. We should take good care of it and maintain its health. The more you care about it, the more it will repay us. Although it is not money, it gives you something that money can’t buy. When you don’t care about it, it brings you only pain, and you can’t taste it all over the world The world’s delicious food, we have to take care of it to maintain its health. CUISINE&HEALTH