Stomach is not good, there will be four abnormalities, early autumn stomach, eat two porridge, quit four habits, drink a water

At present, we all want to live a better life in order to live a better life. < / P > < p > after work, many people don’t pay much attention to diet. They think it’s good to have enough food and keep up with their physical strength. In fact, in this state of high pressure, if the diet is still “make do with”, the body is not able to eat. < / P > < p > in fact, halitosis is not a big problem for a normal person, because most of them may have this kind of trouble. They may have some bad smell when they eat heavy food or do not clean their mouth in time. But it’s not too serious. It’s acceptable. However, some people stink very seriously. As long as they are close to them, they can smell the bad smell in their mouth immediately. This kind of situation is mostly caused by bad stomach, which can not be ignored. < / P > < p > some friends usually have symptoms of acid reflux after dinner. This kind of taste is not good, but also very dangerous. Gastric acid is the substance that digests food and has certain corrosivity. When gastric acid begins to reflux, it is corroding our esophagus and intestines. If we don’t pay attention to it, before long, stomach disease will come. < / P > < p > for ordinary people, eating may be the most enjoyable thing, but for patients with stomach disease, eating is the most resistant thing for them, because normal people will digest and absorb their intestines and stomach after eating, while the digestive system of patients with stomach diseases has problems, which will not only cause indigestion, but also lead to nausea and vomiting. < / P > < p > for us, eating may be very simple, because the stomach itself is responsible for this piece of work, but if you have stomach problems, you will know the taste. After eating a meal, you can not feel the process of food being digested and absorbed. Instead, you will experience stomach pain and bloating due to gastric ulcer or gastritis, which will seriously affect the mood of eating and the health of the body. < / P > < p > many breakfast shops sell all kinds of porridge, such as millet and pumpkin porridge, which is also a popular one. However, if you have time, you’d better cook it at home. Millet and pumpkin itself are relatively mild food, will not cause irritation to the gastric mucosa, but also warm the stomach, protect the gastric mucosa, is the master of stomach. < / P > < p > as we all know, yam and jujube are well-known health food materials. The sticky substances on yam can protect gastric mucosa, while red jujube can nourish blood and replenish qi. Boiling the two ingredients together with rice can make porridge, which can warm and tonify the stomach, reduce the irritation to the stomach, and make the stomach recover to health as soon as possible. < / P > < p > many people usually like to eat supper, but from the perspective of health, it is the most harmful habit of the stomach. Because our intestines and stomachs also have their own rest time. If we eat too late, our intestines and stomach will continue to work overload, which is not conducive to the self-healing of the stomach. < / P > < p > nowadays, many people like to relieve their stress by eating, or they often eat and drink a lot. In fact, the best way to keep healthy is to “restrain”, restrain their own food, and don’t give too much digestive burden to the intestines and stomach. < / P > < p > smoking and drinking are “standard” for adults. After entering the society, many people have developed this habit, but this habit is really the most harmful to health. If you don’t want to be short-lived, you’d better change it as soon as possible. Besides the damage to liver and blood vessels, the stimulation of stomach and intestines should not be ignored. It is our right to be angry, but we should also understand that this kind of emotion causes more harm to the body. Often angry people, the digestive system will also be affected, there will be no tea and rice, indigestion symptoms, easy to induce stomach disease. < / P > < p > combine these three ingredients together to make a stomach nourishing tea bag. Brew one cup of tea every day to moisten the stomach, protect the gastric mucosa, and the stomach will gradually get better. Information sharing for epilepsy patients