Stomach polyps, is it necessary to cut? How to avoid polyp canceration? The doctor told you

People eat every day, and sometimes the food they eat will hurt their stomach health. After a long time, it will cause stomach diseases. Gastric polyps is one of them, gastric polyps have good and bad, this depends on the situation of polyps. Many people don’t want to understand what gastric polyps are. Generally speaking, it’s like a small pimple growing on people’s skin. Sometimes, this pimple is caused by bad work and rest habits, but when your work and rest habits are normal, it will get better. < / P > < p > but there are still some small pimples, so they don’t worry. They work as demons every day, so people will have a lot of stomach discomfort. And the more serious gastric polyps may change to gastric cancer, so gastric polyps is not a small disease that can be put down, it is also severe. Some friends will say that if the stomach polyps cut off, so that the probability of canceration of polyps will be much smaller. Is that really the answer? Listen to the doctor today. < / P > < p > in fact, there are many kinds of gastric polyps, not all of which are malignant. Gastric polyps are generally divided into two types, one is gastric neoplastic polyps, the other is gastric non neoplastic polyps. It can be seen from the literal that canceration of gastric neoplastic polyps is much higher than that of gastric non neoplastic polyps. < / P > < p > there are three types of gastric non neoplastic polyps: inflammatory polyps, hamartomatous polyps and proliferative polyps. Gastric neoplastic polyps can also be divided into three types: tubular adenoma, villous adenoma and mixed polyp. < / P > < p > but not all gastric neoplastic polyps are cancerous, and not all gastric neoplastic polyps will not be cancerous. Whether gastric polyps need to be resected depends on the diameter and type of polyps. < / P > < p > if the diameter of gastric polyp is larger than 1cm, it needs to be removed. There is also if the patient’s gastric polyps are multiple, then you can choose to stage resection. If it is a familial genetic polyp, then it needs to be combined with the actual situation of patients to see whether it needs to be removed. First, don’t smoke or drink. Smoking and drinking are too harmful to the stomach. If you have polyps in your stomach, you still don’t worry about smoking and drinking every day, which will increase the probability of canceration of gastric polyps. So if you want to reduce the probability of canceration of gastric polyps, you must not smoke and drink. Second, don’t take medicine indiscriminately. If you often take medicine in disorder, it will do great harm to people’s stomach. So if you have a disease, you must consult the doctor, follow the doctor’s insistence, and then take the medicine. Don’t take the medicine for granted. Sometimes these will cause more damage to the stomach, which will arouse the canceration of gastric polyps. Third, a healthy diet. A friend with a bad stomach must eat well digested food. For example, those spicy and stimulating food must not be eaten. Don’t indulge in these spicy and stimulating food for a moment. Eat more food rich in dietary fiber, which can make your stomach more healthy. 08/17/2020