Stop talking about cancer! Doctor: cancer prevention measures in place, cancer cells will bypass

In our inherent concept, “cancer” is a disease that can not be cured. If we hear that someone has cancer, then that person will not be far away from death. In fact, this idea is not correct. Doctors said that there is no need to talk about cancer discoloration, because cancer is likely to be cured, it has its own stage. < / P > < p > generally speaking, in the early stage, cancer cells have not spread in a large range, so there is no need to worry too much. That is to say, at this time, all aspects of our body function is still perfect, not being “occupied” by the cancer cell army. As long as we cooperate with the doctor’s treatment, such as surgery to remove those malignant tumors or chemotherapy, the cancer is very likely to be cured. So in the late stage of cancer is not equal to cure it? Also not so, in the late stage of cancer can be said to be extremely difficult, but it is not incurable, specific but also based on the performance of the disease to do a detailed analysis and treatment. < / P > < p > no one wants to get cancer, so we need to prevent it in advance, nip the cancer in the bud. Doctors have shown that: if we can do the following cancer prevention measures, cancer is far away from us. As the saying goes, cigarettes hurt the lung and wine hurt the liver. Some people like to smoke when they are depressed, others like to drink a little wine when they are upset. On the surface, this is a way to relieve pressure and release the heart, but these ways will bring great negative reactions. People who smoke and drink for a long time have a much higher risk of cancer than ordinary people. Cigarettes contain a lot of carcinogens, alcohol can also bring bad effects, not only the risk of cancer increased, but also make the mental state poor. < / P > < p > if you think only obese people need to control their weight, you are wrong. Too little weight can reduce people’s immunity, thus increasing the risk of disease. So fat people need to lose weight, and thin people need to “gain weight.”. The doctor’s advice is that both people need to work hard on their diet, eat more nutritious food, and eat less greasy and unhealthy food. At the same time need more exercise, fat people to reduce excess fat, thin people can enhance resistance. < / P > < p > adequate sleep has become a luxury for busy office workers and students who stay up late to study. In addition, in the daytime, they often have no time to enjoy their own happiness, so they will choose to watch more mobile phones or do other things at night to “revenge”. In the long run, they lack of sleep time and the quality of sleep is declining. And these happen to be the key factors that lead to cancer easily climbing onto their own body. So be sure to get enough sleep, put down your mobile phone before going to bed, keep the room dark, and create a good sleep environment for yourself. < / P > < p > to be honest, cancer is terrible. But we don’t have to worry all day, for fear that we will not pay attention to suffering from cancer, or do all kinds of physical examination because we want to prevent cancer. This will make their nerves too nervous, but will cause bad effects. The doctor responded that the correct way is to take cancer prevention measures, carry out physical examination at the right time and keep a normal mind. Focus