Stop treating allergic rhinitis as a cold! These three performances can be distinguished well

Allergic rhinitis is easy to be confused with a cold, because their symptoms are very similar, and allergic rhinitis is more stubborn than a cold. If it is caused by allergic rhinitis, it needs to be improved through active treatment. < / P > < p > in addition, there are many matters needing attention in our daily life. Otherwise, if we don’t pay attention to diet and often contact allergens, we will have a disease attack and then affect our normal life. In addition, the related symptoms of allergic rhinitis should be understood in advance, with the common cold to distinguish, so as to avoid blind confusion and delay the treatment. Allergic rhinitis often sneezes during the onset of allergic rhinitis. Although sneezing occurs during the onset of a cold, allergic rhinitis is different from sneezing caused by cold. The frequency of cold sneezing is relatively small. However, patients with allergic rhinitis are sensitive to nasal mucosa after exposure to allergens. After local stimulation, they will sneeze repeatedly every day There was a paroxysmal attack. < / P > < p > the number of sneezes each time is more than three. You may sneeze before you get up or go to bed in the morning. You will have an immediate attack after contacting allergens. These are the main characteristics of sneezing in allergic rhinitis. Therefore, it is necessary to distinguish it from common cold to avoid confusion and wrong treatment. < / P > < p > allergic rhinitis should be controlled by reasonable means, away from allergens is the key, otherwise in the process of the disease, you will feel itchy nasal cavity. Nasal persistent itching and allergic rhinitis are related, contact with allergens after similar allergic performance, the patient’s nasal cavity will be inexplicably itchy. < / P > < p > if the patient is allergic to pollen, there will be itching of throat, ears and eyes at the same time of nasal itching. Therefore, if you find that your nose is often itchy, you should distinguish it from other diseases. Some cold patients will feel itchy throat during the onset of the disease. With the development of the disease, cough and sore throat will gradually appear. You need to recognize the line and run clear water like nasal mucus < / P > < p > allergic rhinitis attacks. If you are affected, you will have runny nose, which will be found when you have runny nose The nasal mucus drips from the nostril unconsciously and secretes a large amount of clear water like nasal mucus, which indicates that the disease is developing and related to the threat of allergic rhinitis to health. When affected by the disease, there will be a decline in olfaction. Therefore, the body has the signal of this disease, which needs to be controlled through timely treatment. In addition, it can be distinguished from the runny nose caused by a cold. The common secretion of cold is not clear water like nasal mucus, which can be distinguished by color and state. < / P > < p > allergic rhinitis is not a minor problem, because the disease is relatively stubborn and can be easily repeated after exposure to allergens. If it can be improved by drug therapy, immunotherapy or surgical treatment, it is helpful to relieve allergic rhinitis. You can play with mobile phones during pregnancy, but these four methods of “hurting your fetus” are not advisable. Be careful of the damage to Taibao