Su Youpeng, 47, once again proved that lowering the “biological age” through exercise is the better maintenance

However, in addition to appearance, what is more important is the physiological anti-aging of the body, that is, the concept of biological age in sports medicine. < p > < p > the so-called biological age is the age of the human body, which is to evaluate the health level of the body mechanism and function, and to know whether the human body has premature aging or postnatal than the real age. < / P > < p > one of the effective ways to reverse biological age is to carry out regular and scientific muscle exercise, moderate and low-intensity aerobic exercise, healthy regular balanced diet, and high-quality adequate sleep and other factors, which are conducive to reverse your biological age. Portuguese football star C Lang once shared his biological age test results on his personal social networking site. The results showed that the biological age of the body was only 20 years old at 33 years old. < p > < p > this is closely related to his fitness exercise. Scientific exercise makes his body fat content low, muscle content and bone strength relatively high, which is one of the more important dimensions to measure biological age. However, the medical field of sports science generally refers to the basic metabolic rate of the body, that is, the value of energy consumed by the body when the body is still. It can be said that the higher the muscle content and the less fat, the higher our BMR. That is to say, the younger the biological age will be. In other words, the body functions younger than it really is. For example, if the biological age of a 40 year old person is 30 years old, his physical function will be better than that of his peers. However, if the biological age is 50 years old, he may have a higher health risk, and the victim should pay attention to it. To know your biological age, you can generally use a body composition analyzer with bioelectricity analysis function. < / P > < p > such instruments are commonly used in fitness rooms, nutritionist clinics, large hospitals and other places. The body fat scales sold on the market are almost useless, just like the calculation method on the Internet. < / P > < p > for example, do push ups, flat support, squat and other movements at home, 2-3 times a week, each action to do 2-3 groups, each group of about 10-15 times, it is recommended that priority should be given to the main body muscles, multi joint movements. In addition, people who lose weight can also match aerobic exercise, such as riding, swimming, running or high-intensity interval training. < p > < p > there was a study that found that the middle-aged people did HIIT or aerobic training three times a week during the 8-week study period. The former was for running, and the latter was for jogging or brisk walking. It could also reduce the proportion of body weight and body fat, and help to improve biological age. After

exercise, there are about 5 to 10 minutes of relaxation exercise, including static stretching and foam roller pressing. According to the American Sports Association, the ideal fat ratio for adult men and women ranges from 6% to 17% and 14% to 24%, respectively. < / P > < p > ● do muscle exercises 2 to 3 times a week to increase muscle strength ● do cardiopulmonary aerobic exercise or HIIT to help burn calories ● reduce eating high calorie and high-fat food ● get enough sleep and rest ● control weight and prevent obesity < / P > < p > the following is a set of unarmed training of chest muscles, which is demonstrated by Jeff, with a total of 5 movements, mainly for muscle training Group: pectoralis major, triceps brachii, shoulder < / P > < p > difficulty can be adjusted freely. What Jeff demonstrates here is that each action is done for 10 seconds, in four groups, with an interval of 20 seconds. The difficulty is moderate, and the training intensity can be adjusted freely according to the change of exercise time and rest time. Information sharing for epilepsy patients