Sudden abnormal pain in the back may be related to visceral canceration. Check in time

Even though the medical community has never stopped the research on cancer, so far, there are still no specific and radical drugs or methods. Patients can only rely on

. However, if cancer can be detected in the early stage, through these treatment methods, the clinical cure rate will increase, but this leads to the terrible second point of cancer: it is difficult to detect cancer in the early stage! Nearly 80% of cancer patients, in the diagnosis of the disease, have reached the middle and late stage, or even lost the chance of radical surgery!

combined with these two factors, the death rate of cancer has always been high in China! However, although cancer is difficult to detect, it does not mean that there is no abnormal signal of cancer. For example, the recent sudden appearance of pain in the low back may be related to the canceration of internal organs!

the pancreas is an insignificant small organ in the human body. It is surrounded by duodenum, stomach, bile duct and other organs and tissues, and it is deep in the abdominal cavity of the human body, so we often ignore it.

However, after the occurrence of pancreatic cancer, there may be symptoms of low back pain, and even some patients go to see a doctor because of severe and intolerable low back pain, and finally find pancreatic cancer!

the reason why pancreatic cancer has similar manifestations is that the capsule on the surface of the pancreas is relatively fragile. Even in the early stage of pancreatic cancer, cancer cells may infiltrate and metastasize to other parts through the pancreatic capsule, such as peritoneum and pleura.

is the site that pancreatic cancer is easy to invade, and in the process of cancer enlargement, it can also compress the patient’s retroperitoneal nerve plexus, so there is radiation and involved pain!

of course, in addition to pancreatic cancer, primary renal cell carcinoma, multiple myeloma, etc., will also have similar symptoms. When renal cell carcinoma has progressed to a certain stage, it can induce lumbar referred pain, which is mainly unilateral low back pain, even lumbar and abdominal mass, gross hematuria and other symptoms.

the reason why cancer is difficult to control is that cancer cells have the characteristics of metastasis. Cancer cells can metastasize with blood, lymph tissue and other surrounding organs and tissues, even bone.

the early symptoms of this kind of pain are lighter. With the development of the disease, the pain time will not only gradually extend, but also the pain will become more and more intense. Even after medication, it is difficult to completely relieve it!

therefore, in daily life, after the occurrence of low back pain, we should not only consider cervical and lumbar diseases, but also be alert to the arrival of malignant tumors, especially the deepening pain, and actively seek medical treatment for examination. Once diagnosed with a certain organ canceration, we need to cooperate with doctors to start treatment at the first time to avoid causing greater harm to the body. HEALTHY LIFE