Summer should eat it more, dispel dampness, invigorate spleen and nourish the face!

In summer, it’s easy to suffer from spleen deficiency and dampness, especially in the daily air-conditioning life. It’s easy to cause dampness, accelerate aging and be troubled by various diseases. This six flavor Qushi cake can not only dispel dampness and strengthen spleen and stomach, but also clear fire and moisturize your face. It’s a favorite health snack for fairies. The so-called “no dampness is light”, so try it quickly! < / P > < p > 100g cooked adzuki bean powder, 100g cooked coix seed powder, 100g cooked Poria cocos powder, 100g mature Euryale powder, 100g cooked black sesame powder, 400g honey < / P > < p > 1. Pour 100g Chixiaodou powder, 100g coix seed powder, 100g Chinese yam powder, 100g poria cocos powder; you can buy all kinds of powder directly, or you can make it with red bean and coix Rice, Poria cocos, Euryale ferox, yam and black sesame are roasted in the oven, and then grinded into flour in the grinder before use= target=_ blank>Focus