Sun day Riley, a North American online red skin care brand, launched limited edition products of Chinese New Year for the first time

In the spring of 2021, sun day Riley, an American niche skincare brand founded in 2009, launched the limited edition C.E.O for the first time. Bright white C essence emulsion, the main packaging is China red as the background color, the front is the outline of the golden bull outline with the bronzing line, modern and China’s traditional new year theme. Currently limited edition C.E.O. Liang Bai Wei C essence emulsion has been sold in Tmall flagship store. This is also the first marketing strategy actively arranged in response to Chinese traditional festivals since Sunday Riley entered the Chinese market. < / P > < p > since entering the Chinese market in February 2020, sun Riley has won the support of Chinese consumers for its exquisite product packaging and pure natural ingredients. During this period, many bloggers mainly planted Amway sun Riley’s star product power on various online social platforms Couple skin care gift box, which contains good gene essence emulsion and Luna night sleep repair essence oil. These two products stand out in the night skin care products on the market, and their immediate effects have repeatedly surprised Chinese consumers who are keen to try minority skin care products. The new year limited edition C.E.O. Bright white C essence emulsion is another popular skin care series Sunday C.E.O Riley wants to emphasize. Liangbaiwei C antioxidant series. The series contains C.E.O. Bright white C turmeric essence oil, C.E.O. Bright white C antioxidant essence and C.E.O. Bright white C anti oxygen cream. C.E.O。 Vitamin C, thd, ascorbic acid and other dynamic ingredients can enhance skin elasticity, improve brightness, anti oxygen and moisturize, and form natural protection for skin. At this time point, the main launch is also to prepare for skin stability before spring. < / P > < p > with the skin care concept of “taking science as the driving force and balancing by plants”, Sunday Riley has conquered countless consumers. Sun day Riley, the founder of the brand, has always been a loyal pursuer of cutting-edge skin care. She perfectly combines advanced active substances with green plant ingredients, and through continuous research and practice, creates efficient green skin care products that can quickly and effectively improve skin problems. Every product is the witness of sun day Riley’s firm belief. Sun day Riley is not only the founder of the brand, but also the formulator of the brand. Each carefully developed product formula does not add any spices, which can bring immediate results. So as to really change the skin state. < / P > < p > on the eve of the Spring Festival, with the help of the limited edition C.E.O. Sunday Riley also specially customized the brand new spring gift box to give back to the bloggers and media who have worked together in the past year, including all C.E.O in C. Besides the series of skin care products, there are also customized Spring Festival couplets and metal water bottles. This move once again reflects the excellent brand quality of Sunday Riley and the positive attitude of establishing friendly relations with bloggers and media, and expects to continue to lead in China’s niche skin care market in the new year. Focus