Sun Li, 37, shares her skincare tips, but her dark circles are too eye-catching. At present, she is blue and blue, which makes her heart ache

In the video, Sun Li’s clothes are very casual and refreshing. Although she is 37 years old, her skin condition is also very good, which makes people totally unable to guess her real age. She looks like a pure female college student, sharing her skin care experience carefully and intimately.

it’s just that Sun Li seems to be too tired recently, with obvious dark circles under her eyes and two pieces of dark blue under her eyes, which makes people feel distressed. When actors are filming, their work and rest time is inevitably irregular. According to the information disclosed on her homepage, Sun Li is indeed shooting a new play recently.

the actor who cooperated with Sun Li in the new drama this time is Zhao Youting. In the photos of the opening ceremony, Yang Chaoyue also appeared. Sun Li, 37, and Yang Chao, 22, stand together. They can’t see that there is a 15-year-old age gap between them. It can be seen that Sun Li’s maintenance is really good.

it is not difficult for netizens who pay attention to Sun Li’s studio video that Sun Li is not only a skincare expert, but also has a lot of research on health care. In the earlier video, Sun Li shared the dinner she was about to eat. She saw that there was tangerine peel in it. Sun Li said with a smile that tangerine peel can dispel dampness.

in addition, Sun Li also has the habit of drinking tea in season. In a video, Sun Li shares her own tea and intimately explains that drinking tea with Bailu can slow down autumn dryness. It can be seen that she has a lot of research on tea drinking.

as an actress, Sun Li not only excels in acting skills, but also pays great attention to maintaining the image. As a good actor and a good actor, the audience will naturally be enviable. Focus