“Superman’s back” William’s father lost 30kg every month!

If you are chasing Korean variety show, you will find that Sam, William’s father, has become super thin! His double chin face, round belly and thick shoulders all disappeared without a trace. He shoveled 30 kilograms of meat, like a changed man! After all, how thin is he? Come and have a look! Sam, a Korean entertainer of Australian nationality, once said in the program that his round figure made him slow in action and burdened with parenting. Although he had lost weight for many times, he felt too tired physically or mentally and gave up quickly. As a result, his weight soared to 120 kg! < / P > < p > until the physical examination, the doctor warned that the health condition is too bad, and if you don’t lose weight, it will even endanger your life! In order to be able to accompany his wife and son William, Bentley happy growth, determined to lose weight! < p > < p > in order not to repeat the same mistake, Sam sought the help of experts this time. He began to lose weight in May. In one month, he lost 14 kg, his waist circumference decreased from 50.8 inch to 46.4 inch, and his health index changed from 88 to 58, which was very big! In 3 months, 22 kg of fat was lost and 30 kg of fat was eradicated in September. The results are amazing! From 120kg to 90kg, Sam not only has a smaller belly, but also looks younger and more energetic! < p > < p > Sam admitted that he didn’t want to lose weight. It turned out to be simple. As long as you change your diet and lifestyle, you can get thinner slowly! Now, he has three meals a day, the only change is that 90% of them eat brown rice, vegetables and meat to eat as much, not only full but also happy to eat! Of course, high calorie junk food and snacks, absolutely must avoid eating less, and then must drink more water! In addition, early to bed and early to rise is also a very important good habit, so that the body can maintain a good basic metabolism, naturally can become thin! Relying on the diet and living habits, the weight will gradually decline. < p > < p > after four months of hard work, Sam said that this was his new low weight in the past five years. He was twice as small as he had been in the past five years. He was more happy to say that his body was much lighter! At the same time, he also set a goal for himself, that is to lose 40 kg, 80 kg is his standard weight, and 10 kg to continue refueling! After success, we should strive to maintain, continue to challenge ourselves and find health! < / P > < p > compared with bench press, the unarmed push-up is more effective in congesting muscles, making your chest muscles and arm triceps look bigger and thicker in the picture. Before shooting, several groups of high-frequency push ups can be used to make the muscles look better under the camera. < p > < p > 1. The hands are slightly wider than the shoulders, and the legs are close together. During the process, the core forces to keep the body in a straight line. The angle between the arm and the body should be less than 45 degrees, otherwise it will cause excessive pressure on the shoulder and cause injury. < / P > < p > if you want to make your arm look thicker and stronger, backhand pull-in is absolutely the best choice for you. Compared with the forehand pull-up, the reverse grip can stimulate the biceps muscle of the arm, and make your arm quickly congest and expand. It looks as thick as Popeye who has eaten spinach. < / P > < p > if you are clocking out a picture in the gym today, or if you happen to have a pair of dumbbells around you, this action is definitely a congestion trick you can’t miss! Compared with push ups, shoulder press can give more stimulation to deltoid muscles, more blood to the shoulders, so that you look broader shoulders, clearer lines, and more obvious inverted triangle! The upper part of the body should not lean back too much against the back of the chair, so as to avoid the upper oblique shoulder pushing, which will double the burden of the lumbar spine and make the slope and scapula too tight. You can play with mobile phones during pregnancy, but these four methods of “hurting your fetus” are not advisable. Be careful of the damage to Taibao