Tamburins the shell fragrance hand care cream is newly launched to open the exclusive hand fragrance care experience

On February 4, 2021, the creative fragrance care brand tamburins launched the second series of hand cream products – “the shell perfect hand”, opening your exclusive hand fragrance care experience. Inspired by the unique shape of the shell, the shell fragrance hand cream is unique and innovative, which interprets the minimalist modern aesthetics. Instantly moisturize the skin, moisten and firm the skin, and keep fragrance for a long time. < / P > < p > the shell fragrance hand cream is specially added with centella callus callus extract, a new component with excellent collagen synthesis and antioxidant capacity, to provide sufficient nutrition for the dry and vulnerable hand skin, effectively help smooth the fine lines on the hand, and make the skin full of elasticity.

8 exclusive flavors created by exclusive brand perfumer, lasting fragrance like perfume, always awaken the tension of sense organs and show your personal charisma. < / P > < p > fig blossoming in the fruit has a unique and subtle aroma. The combination of bitter and astringent leaves and sweet pulp makes the aroma more rich and rich, while the tenderness and heavy quality brought by Okra Seed and amber make people deeply immersed in the charm of aroma aftertaste. < / P > < p > blackcurrant has the complex aroma of aged red wine, and the slightly bitter citrus flavor adds a little vitality. It seems to be wrapped in the sweet white flower fragrance, rich and deep aftertaste, inspiring the sense of smell. < / P > < p > the pungent aroma of violet leaves awakens the sensory tension. With the passage of time, cedar fragrance brings delicate balance, strong aftertaste, long fragrance, leaving a strong and deep impression in memory. < / P > < p > Patchouli is interwoven with rich floral fragrance, reminiscent of dense rose bushes. The fragrance of iris is like a budding rose, emitting vitality; the thick smell of musk is like a blooming rose bush, leaving a deep impression in memory. < / P > < p > after the gentle fragrance of laurel leaf and lily of the valley gradually dissipates, the smell of leather brings a tense atmosphere. The contrast between the thick and heavy feeling of the leather and the musk of the back tone is becoming more and more soft. It seems to feel that the pulse is becoming more steady. < / P > < p > at the moment of application, the freshness of bergamot on the tip of the nose reminds people of the mingling of patchouli in the slightly wet soil after the rain and the quiet and deep sandalwood, just like the vitality of the earth when embracing the newly picked wild flowers in their arms. < / P > < p > in the solid underground, the strong rhizome of vetiver breaks through the ground, and the strong spicy flavor is coming. The red grapefruit is like bright sunlight, flashing in the boundless Vetiver field. < / P > < p > when sandalwood touches the skin, the deep and warm smell is irresistible. The faint Leather Fragrance creates a subtle immersion. The pungent aroma of black pepper, the secret ingredient, has become a fascinating finishing touch. < / P > < p > “the shell” is not just a “hand cream”. It can take care of the dry and vulnerable hand skin, at the same time, it can take you in the aroma of perceptual atmosphere to find the inner emotion and wake up the tension of the senses. Tambourins the shell fragrance hand cream series products are now listed in tmall international flagship store. Let’s start your exclusive hand fragrance care experience. < / P > < p > tambourins, founded in 2017, is a creative fragrance care brand pursuing perceptual art aesthetics. Starting from the internal quality of the product, through the fashionable and simple packaging style and perceptual temperament of the space design, create the unique visual beauty and brand atmosphere of tambourins, and convey the unique brand aesthetic concept to consumers. Focus