Teachers make complaints about their children’s knowledge of pregnancy.

Recently, I saw a teacher from a netizen who was Tucao in his own family recently. His friend said his daughter was only 9 years old. Their teacher make complaints about pregnancy and gender in class. He felt that his daughter was only 9 years old, not the age to listen to these things, so he tried to find a teacher to discuss.

the teacher in charge of the child’s class said that because a teacher in the class was pregnant, some students were asking. She just took this opportunity to popularize this knowledge to the students, but she didn’t expect to let the parents feel dissatisfied.

this netizen sent this experience to the Internet, meaning that he was Tucao teacher, but unexpectedly make complaints about the netizens. Everyone said that the teacher was right, and sex education must be done.

and now children are generally precocious. Although they are only 9 years old, in fact, children have learned a lot. In addition to the gender knowledge that men and women are different from each other when they are about three years old, as children get older, we should also popularize the knowledge of pregnancy and sexual behavior among children.

so the netizen’s Tucao is really unreasonable, but it also gives us an inspiration. Make complaints about sex education reasonable. Is it good for children to teach all the knowledge of sex education to children?

when children are about 3 years old, they begin to have gender awareness. They will be curious about their body structure and will constantly distinguish whether the people around them are the same as themselves.

for example, when my daughter was about 3 years old, she was very keen on telling me, “she is a girl, she wants to go to the women’s toilet, he is a little boy, and he should wear blue.” For the children whose gender consciousness is rudimentary, parents can carry out gender education to tell them that men and women are different, and that men and women have different body structures.
you can always say to a girl that you like a car, but you can also say “888” to a girl

in addition to gender knowledge, parents should teach their children to protect their bodies and recognize which parts of their bodies can’t be touched. These education can’t be repeated once or twice, so that children can remember them. Therefore, parents need to repeat them repeatedly so that children can remember deeply.

at this stage, children will also be curious about where they come from, but parents don’t have to explain too much to their children, as long as they simply let the children know that they were born by their mothers.

children at this stage will transition from kindergarten to primary school. They will have a deeper understanding of gender. With the growth of curiosity, children at this stage begin to wonder how they came into the world.

for 4-7-year-old children, parents should not be too perfunctory in their answers. They can use picture books or film and television to explain sperm and eggs and other knowledge for children in detail, so as to satisfy children’s thirst for knowledge and complete sex education for children.

for 4-7-year-old children, parents can once again popularize knowledge about body structure for children, so that children can have a further understanding of their own body, so as to learn to better protect themselves.

for children at this stage, in addition to telling their children about the upcoming puberty, what changes will happen to their bodies and how to deal with the outside world, they must popularize the knowledge of childbirth and pregnancy, because it is very easy for children at this stage to steal forbidden fruits and get pregnant because of curiosity.

when the child reaches puberty, after the age of 12, parents should also popularize the knowledge of sexual behavior to their children, warn them to respect themselves and love themselves, and not to try sex easily, otherwise it will hurt them.

parents should not think sex education is hard to talk about. In fact, modern children may not know less than you, but parents’ attitude towards sex will affect their children to some extent. So to a certain age, parents must give children the necessary sex education knowledge, so that children can learn to better protect themselves. 08/17/2020