Teachers teach children knowledge of pregnancy, but parents make complaints about it too early, experts: actually, it should be earlier.

For example, parents can take this opportunity to explain the names of body parts for their children when they are bathing or dressing, so that the baby can have a clear understanding. < / P > < p > and children’s “sex education” can also be reflected in daily life. For example, parents should tell their children that they can’t change their diapers in public, and they are not allowed to urinate anywhere. This is not only to let children protect their privacy, but also the most basic step in sex education. < / P > < p > at this time, parents do not need to be embarrassed, but to explain to their children the differences between boys and girls, as well as the development of body organs, so as to better distinguish men and women. < / P > < p > as for children’s private parts, parents can explain as follows: the place covered by your underwear should be well protected, and it should not be touched by others except for the people closest to you, and when you need to change clothes or go to the toilet. < / P > < p > for 4-5 babies, their curiosity begins to increase. They often ask their parents, where do they come from? But some parents will answer all kinds of strange things, so that children mistakenly think it is true. < / P > < p > parents should take such an opportunity to recognize a line-up year-old child, who can understand the pregnancy process. Therefore, parents can interpret their children in fairy tale language. < / P > < p > after a child goes to kindergarten, he will contact many people. At this time, what parents need to do most is to let the children learn to protect themselves. Therefore, some necessary knowledge should be explained clearly. < p > < p > for example: to tell children: you are the master of the body, no matter who, as long as you feel uncomfortable, you should say no in time. If the other party does not stop, try to find a way to escape immediately. And the first time to tell us, parents will always be your tree, shelter you from the wind and rain. < / P > < p > many parents feel embarrassed to talk about sex education, so they shift the responsibility of “sex education” to school teachers, hoping that teachers can explain clearly to their children, but in fact, the most suitable person should be parents. < / P > < p > this person is a rational person who can talk to each other; understand the basic physiological knowledge, and know how to talk with children; create a stable emotional environment, so that children can respond rationally. In the family, effective sex education should start from the origin of life. Parents can give their children continuous and stable respect and love, so that they can feel warm and safe. Therefore, parents do not have to regard sex education knowledge as imparting knowledge to their children. Instead, they should regard this process as an episode of growth. As children grow up, parents are also making progress, so that parents can become truly qualified experts. Focus