Teaching 9 year old child to have knowledge of pregnancy, parents Tucao: daughter is still young, but bad people do not make complaints about her.

Some netizens share their children’s experience on the short video platform. The school teachers teach children about pregnancy, and they don’t avoid male students. < / P > < p > the parents of this student feel that their daughter is only 9 years old, and teachers should not teach their children about pregnancy and gender, so as to tarnish their pure children’s mind. < / P > < p > the teacher also explained this, because it happened that a teacher in the class was pregnant and some students were asking. She wanted to take this opportunity to popularize this knowledge to the students, but she didn’t expect to let the parents feel dissatisfied. In this regard, many netizens agree with the teacher’s practice. < / P > < p > today’s children generally develop early, and they are about to enter puberty at the age of nine. Is this parent still staying in the traditional 1960s and 1970s? Actually, I still feel that the physiological structure can’t be said, and pregnancy can’t be said. < p > < p > now the kindergarten teachers have told them about the differences in the physiological structure of male and female students, and how pregnancy and childbirth happen. This mother is really extraordinary and takes ignorance as her pride. The younger the children are, the more comfortable they are to receive sex education. They understand this knowledge just as they understand why people eat when they are hungry and sleep when they are sleepy.

if you see the news today, can you make complaints about nearly forty thousand young people who are involved in the crime of young girls every year? Should I thank the teacher? < / P > < p > at 9 years old, you don’t know any sex knowledge. Don’t feel superior to your daughter’s simplicity. If you teach your child’s sex knowledge, you will certainly get worse. You should know that in reality, it is often the simple children who are hurt. One day when she came home from school, her family was not in and the door was locked. She sat at the door and waited. At this time, a man came over and asked her to help her. After she agreed, she was taken to an abandoned house on the edge and sexually assaulted < / P > < p > the man first took a pencil from her schoolbag and put it into her private parts, took off her clothes, put the pencil and even committed sexual assault. If she realized that she was harming her, the tragedy might not have happened. < p > < p > my lawyer friend said that she participated in the trial of criminal cases involving minors for half a year, but the cases she came into contact with in the past six months were basically rape and indecent minors, and the smallest victims went to the kindergarten middle class. < / P > < p > in the textbooks of the second grade children, there are already texts about where the children come from. He can accurately say that he is the father’s sperm and egg, and then he has his own. My best friend once told me that she went to visit her 13-year-old nephew’s house, called him aside, and whispered to him, “do you have a girl you like?” The nephew replied impatiently, “what do you want to know? Ask. I’ve seen her kiss on TV for the first time < / P > < p > sounds like a joke and sounds like a light joke, but it is actually a nightmare for every parent. Unconsciously, your little baby has grown up all of a sudden, but the topic of sex, which affects his life’s happiness, is learned from “others”. Lin Yihan, a writer of Taiwan writer, was sexually assaulted by Chen Guoxing, a tutor at the age of 13, and attempted suicide three times without success. Due to the misunderstanding of others on mental illness and patients with mental illness, Lin Yihan gave a speech for more than 20 minutes at his engagement banquet to describe his suffering and suffering over the years as a mentally ill patient. &If I could be a new person today, what kind of person would I like to be? I want to be a person who has more imagination about other people’s pain… I want to be someone who can actually help mental illness to get stigmatized. &Since then, Lin Yihan has never mentioned this topic again. Until she left the world, her parents quietly realized that her daughter has been experiencing the most painful human purgatory like torture! But it’s too late. South Korean movies have shocked me deeply. Suyuan, an 8-year-old girl, should have had a happy and carefree childhood, but her rainy day completely changed her life. < p > < p > Suyuan was severely injured, dying, bleeding from her lower body, multiple trauma and laceration from the rectum to the top of the large intestine, and partial necrosis of the large intestine and small intestine. After the amputation, the doctor redone the artificial anus. From then on, a stool bag was added to her waist, which was like a dirty viscera that had been turned out and accompanied her for the rest of her life. < / P > < p > the tender florets are devastated by the storm mercilessly, and not only the branches and leaves are injured, but also the heart growing up in the sunshine. As the victims, Suyuan’s family seems to have become a disgrace, surrounded by surprised and curious eyes. < p > < p > my mother was so sad that she almost collapsed. The father tried his best to protect his daughter, but the injured Angel refused his father’s approach. The road of asking evil is accompanied by the healing journey of the angel, and the beautiful girl can never smile again. < / P > < p > from to, there are a lot of dirty and bloody things in the world itself, which are discovered after we dissect the essence of human nature. To be a good person is not only a person’s willingness to help others, but also to be kind and generous, because it is impossible to do anything only with compassion and meager power. We should protect ourselves, protect the people around us, and take social responsibility when we are successful. There is also a saying at the end of the movie: the loneliest people are the kindest, and the injured always smile the most brightly, because they don’t want people around them to suffer the same pain. < / P > < p > the stories told by the two films are similar, but the meanings expressed are completely different. The former makes us doubt the world with evil, while the latter makes those uneasy and hateful find the outlet of goodness and beauty. Yes, the world is like this, and so is human nature. There are light, there are darkness, there are intoxicating smiles, and there are also terrorist threats. Fang Yifan and Qiao yingzi were mistaken for “puppy love” by their parents because of a hug. Huang Lei and Hai Qing gave Fang Yifan a “textbook” sex education course. However, Fang Yifan was very generous and said: “biology class has told you that you two get married first and then have sex. No, after having sex, you will have me.” < p > < p > don’t think your child is still young, and the bad guys never think that she is small. Therefore, sex education must be put on the agenda, so that children can understand the knowledge and truth she should know earlier, which is the most important thing for parents. < / P > < p > I’m Mu Zimo, the author of millions of popular articles on multiple platforms. I have a pen that only writes about human feelings. If you also have a story, please leave a message or private message to tell me. Thank you! Cai Shaofen stopped pregnancy for the first time. The 4 indexes on the B-ultrasound sheet in the early pregnancy were used to see whether the fetal development was good or not