Tell a friend: a seasoning to stay away, eat more, stains or uninvited

Zhu Mengmeng is 19 years old, and it’s time to enjoy her youth. As a sophomore, she not only has outstanding appearance, but also has a boyfriend who loves her very much. A group of roommates who get along well with each other are the envy of many of her peers. < / P > < p > however, something unexpected happened recently. The girls in the dormitory in the first two months had poor skin condition, and their skin became dry and dark. They didn’t worry about it because it was a common symptom. They thought it was caused by skin discomfort in the new season. After all, some skin problems were very common in the new season, which resulted in a bad facial condition It’s getting worse and worse, and even the appearance of color spots. These girls are so scared that they immediately go to the hospital for examination. After the doctor’s understanding, they finally find out the cause. It turns out that Zhu Mengmeng is the one who caused this. < / P > < p > according to the doctor’s understanding, the reason why they grow spots is mainly due to their unhealthy diet. Doctor: this kind of seasoning refers to white sugar. You can’t eat it often. It turns out that Zhu Mengmeng and her little sisters usually make some porridge every night to lose weight, but the porridge is generally tasteless and not delicious. Zhu Mengmeng goes to buy a packet of sugar, and everyone adds some sugar when they eat porridge. The whole dormitory has been eating this for a year! Although the weight is a lot of thin, but the face has grown some spots! < / P > < p > when our body ingests excessive sugar, it will destroy the normal pH value in our body; when the whole body is acidic, it will erode the sensitive epidermal cells, make the skin lose its delicacy and elasticity, and also cause the skin to become dark, increase the content of lactic acid in blood and body fluid, stimulate the activity of free radicals, accelerate the decline of cells, and affect the blood circulation and cell metabolism Ability, resulting in the body’s internal impurities and pigments can not be normal after the accumulation of the formation of stains. < / P > < p > besides, the white porridge seems to have no taste, but its sugar content is very high; and it is very easy to be absorbed by the human body after eating. With the blessing of white sugar, the sugar content is even higher. If you eat it every day, the pH value of the body will be destroyed, so how can you not grow spots? < / P > < p > in fact, this is the ultimate reason why they grow spots. Many people may have Zhu Mengmeng’s eating habits in order to lose weight or to have a convenient diet, but they didn’t expect that eating too much plain and nourishing porridge would lead to facial spots. < / P > < p > in our daily life, there are many foods that lead to the destruction of pH value, and even lead to endocrine disorders, which we can hardly prevent; if you happen to eat, you’d better “throw” them away! < / P > < p > cake is the favorite of many girls, most girls will eat cake as afternoon tea; and quickly eat a little more cake, the mood will become much better; but when you use it for a long time, it will lead to increased sugar content in our body, acidic blood, easily lead to dark skin. < / P > < p > known as the “artifact of expression”, chocolate is the best choice for lovers to express their love for each other directly. However, there is such a burden behind the sweetness, so it’s better to use it as little as possible. < / P > < p > if you don’t want to damage your body’s pH value and endocrine instability, you should try to eat less of the above two kinds of food, and there will be a lot of food that will affect our endocrine system in our daily life. You should try to reduce consumption and choose more healthy food to eat. < / P > < p > if you want to get rid of color spots, the first thing to do is to ensure the stability of the body’s endocrine, and the best way to ensure the stability of the body’s endocrine is the powder box deer fetus powder, which contains deer fetus ingredients that can inhibit the activity of tyrosinase and regulate endocrine, and the stability of endocrine is the guarantee of the normal production of melanin stimulating hormone. And deer fetus, Lycium barbarum and Cordyceps sinensis can also nourish Qi and blood, repair and nourish ovary, promote blood circulation and improve immunity. < / P > < p > exercise is not only the best way to lose weight, but also a good choice for beauty; adhere to the right amount of exercise can promote our metabolism, accelerate blood circulation, and also has a positive effect on our own immunity, so we should do more exercise at ordinary times. < / P > < p > drinking more hot water may be the words girls hate to hear, but drinking more water is really good for the human body. Drinking more water can relieve the blood viscosity, especially in the first cup of water in the morning; it can not only promote the blood flow and circulation ability, but also improve the gastrointestinal peristalsis ability, not only beautify the face, but also have the effect of weight loss ~ < A href= target=_ blank>2