Tell parents: the three condiments are called “Shengzhi Wang”. The more you eat, the higher the blood fat

In recent years, our life is getting better and better, and our diet is becoming more and more diversified. However, because of this, our diet is getting higher and higher in oil, salt and calories, which creates more and more hidden dangers. Hyperlipidemia is one of them, and has gradually become the most harmful chronic disease.

at present, China’s hyperlipidemia population has exceeded 200 million, and there are many cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, we should pay attention to hyperlipidemia and stable blood lipid.

in fact, hyperlipidemia is very difficult to find under normal conditions, and even if there are some headache, dizziness, palpitation, shortness of breath and other symptoms, it is easy to be ignored or confused with some other diseases.

xanthoma is a typical sign of hyperlipidemia. It is a yellow, reddish brown or orange skin protuberance, often soft, and shaped like grain size. But we need to pay attention to the incidence rate of yellow tumor is not high, so if you want to rely on this feature to determine whether there is high cholesterol, the accuracy is not high.

leg cramps, accompanied by tingling, may be hyperlipidemia, resulting in cholesterol deposition in the leg muscles. When a large amount of cholesterol accumulates, it will cause muscle cramps and soreness.

if it occurs in people under 40 years old, it usually shows hyperlipidemia. In addition to the elderly ring, hyperlipidemia can also cause the accumulation of triglyceride in the ocular fundus arterioles and cause the changes of fundus.

soy sauce is just a common condiment. It has good seasoning effect in cooking. However, people with high blood fat should eat less soy sauce, because it contains more sodium ions, which will aggravate our blood lipid index.

white granulated sugar is also a common seasoning in the kitchen, but it’s better not to eat it, because the sugar content of white granules is high, and if you eat too much, it will lead to the heat easily accumulating in the blood vessel wall, which will aggravate the blood fat index.

sesame paste is particularly delicious, but people with high blood fat should eat less because it contains a large amount of saturated fatty acids, so the fat content is still relatively high.

this substance refers to the unsaturated fatty acids in the leaf fluid of Fagopyrum tataricum and winter mulberry, which contains a large number of unsaturated acids, which can decompose and metabolize the triglycerides accumulated in blood vessels; meanwhile, the specific component γ – linolenic acid can promote the metabolism of triglycerides deposited in blood vessel wall, reduce the concentration of triglycerides in blood lipids, and prevent them in the blood Deposition on the tube wall. CUISINE&HEALTH