The 23-year-old girl was dumped, her boyfriend thought it was bloated and shameless, now she let her boyfriend regret

Introduction: the problem of obesity is the most headache for every girl. For the sake of figure, many girls can not eat or drink for several days, but a careless greedy will make them return to before liberation overnight, so controlling their body has become a problem.

Jin Yuzhu, a 23-year-old girl, was dumped by her boyfriend because of her obesity. Therefore, she hated herself very much. She blamed herself for being too fond of food. She didn’t pay attention to her figure and her boyfriend’s opinion. But it was useless to complain. Jin Yuzhu decided to change herself and try to lose weight and win back her boyfriend.

Jin Yuzhu said that she tried many ways, but it was very difficult to lose weight, because she was very greedy. After every exercise, she even ate a lot more than before. After more than a month, she had no effect at all. She only lost a few pounds, and it was difficult to keep exercising because of her own work, which eventually led to her failure in losing weight for the first time.

but Jin Yuzhu was not discouraged. Instead, she looked for the reason why she couldn’t lose weight. Finally, she found that she failed to lose weight because she couldn’t stop talking and didn’t train in time. So she decided to adjust her state and start again. She also made strict plans on her diet. She couldn’t eat more, and even gave up her favorite milk tea.

Finally, after 21 days of persistence, jinyuzhu finally lost weight. From the previous 120 Jin to the present 94 Jin, Jin Yuzhu has undergone a qualitative change, and now her boyfriend has regretted. However, Jin Yuzhu feels that her boyfriend is not worthy of her. In the face of his regret, jinyuzhu chooses to turn a blind eye, because she wants to find a better partner.

what has jinyuzhu experienced in the past three years? How did she lose weight in such a short time? Many people may be curious about this problem. Jin Yuzhu said that from her last failure experience, she summed up her experience. If she wants to lose weight, she has to stop talking. In addition, she should insist on sports. Although she has done some high-intensity training before, weight loss is effective, but because she can’t insist on it, and because of her work, she has too little leisure time, she still fails Finally.

she said that the reason why she can lose weight is that she has been exposed to pilates. Pilates can be said to be a very good way to keep fit. It can not only help you lose weight quickly, but also can train anytime and anywhere. It is very convenient and suitable for office workers and lazy people to help you lose weight quickly. It only takes 20 minutes every day 21 days will allow you to complete the qualitative transformation.

Pilates is a popular fitness exercise now. It has almost no requirements on the environment, and it can be trained regardless of age. Taking out 20 minutes every day can help you lose weight and shape quickly, realizing the idea that many people want to lose weight quickly. Nowadays, many women in China are also carrying out Pilates training, such as Wang Fei, Sun Li, etc I often show my photos of Pilates training in the circle of friends, which shows how popular Pilates is nowadays.

I don’t want to say much. I’d like to share with you three small movements of jinyuzhu, which are her slimming secret. Take 20 minutes every day to realize your slimming dream!

stand upright on the yoga mat, step on the stretcher with both feet, hold the handle with both hands and lift it to the chest with force. Repeat the action for 20 times, adhere to 3 groups, and rest for 30 seconds between each group.

lie flat on the yoga mat, keep both feet straight, step on the stretcher, hold the handle with both hands, exert force from the waist and abdomen, pull the legs up to be vertical to the ground, pay attention to the cooperation of both hands, 20 times in each group, adhere to 3 groups, and rest for 30 seconds between each group.

lie flat on the yoga mat, step on the stretcher with both feet, and roll up the body with the strength of waist, abdomen and legs, 15 times in each group, adhere to 3 groups, and rest for 30 seconds between each group. The

handle adopts an elastic foam handle. Besides being able to give you a better handle, it can also effectively absorb sweat during exercise, prevent slipping during training and bring you immersive training experience.

Nowadays, people are busy with their work, so going to the gym has become one of the most unrealistic things. It only takes a yoga mat and an elastic band, and it takes 20 minutes every day. If you insist on 21 days, you can quickly lose weight and become a “goddess”. Now the shop is open to do activities. It’s only 99 yuan for the stretcher and yoga mat, and you can drink less milk tea to create a perfect self. Why not?

there is only one life. Don’t wait for you to feel that you have never lost weight when you are young. It will be a pity of your life. Remember, training depends on persistence, so from now on, take action! Pets