The 32 year old boy has high uric acid and turns into gout only in a moment. We should remember these two things

Introduction: uric acid is constantly appearing in people’s vision, and is spreading to young people. The uric acid content of 32 year old people has reached 480. At the moment of getting the physical examination report, I regret that high uric acid can be compared with “four highs”. I need to remember two things to prevent gout attack. < p > < p > Xiaozhang, a 32 year old boy from Zhejiang Province, usually has a lot of work pressure. He often drinks with the leaders and drinks for 20 days every month. Recently, the company organized everyone to have a physical examination. When Xiaozhang saw the uric acid index in the physical examination report, he trembled with fright and reached 480. The doctor warned him to pay attention to less drinking and gout. At ordinary times, Xiao Zhang occasionally feels palpitation. At the beginning, he doesn’t care about it. When he drinks, he eats some high-fat meat and likes to eat animal viscera. His eating habits are not good all the year round. Gout is approaching. If he doesn’t improve, he doesn’t pay attention to it. The “four highs” are close at hand. < / P > < p > foods with high sugar content have been used to in daily eating habits, such as milk tea cake, etc. the metabolic function of the body will be occupied because of the metabolism of sugar, thus the excretion of uric acid will be delayed. < / P > < p > the damage of alcohol to the body is irrelevant for healthy people, but for people with high uric acid, it is very easy to induce gout disease, which will affect the metabolism of uric acid. < / P > < p > the fat content of skimmed milk is removed, and the rest contains calcium and other nutrients. Adhere to a glass of milk every day to supplement nutrition and improve the metabolism of uric acid at the same time. < / P > < p > for patients with high uric acid and gout, gesory has a certain health function. Traditional Chinese medicine says that gesory is a food with the same origin as medicine and food. Adding gesory into daily diet can accelerate the excretion of uric acid. < / P > < p > the patients with high uric acid should pay attention to their daily diet habits. According to the records in, the combination of chicory, gardenia, Lily and mulberry leaves can reduce the risk of gout. Now many traditional Chinese medicine also recommend this snack to more people who need to reduce acid. The principle of medicine and food homology is: < / P > < p > modern people have a fast pace of life. There is little time to buy these materials together for brewing and drinking. Sometimes, it is difficult to grasp the measurement of the ingredients for soaking in water, and the ratio is unscientific, but it can not achieve the desired effect. You can try to use the finished tea bag to solve the problem easily This is a complex problem. < / P > < p > conclusion: bad living habits will do great harm to the body, just like Xiao Zhang, who is young and has high uric acid content, and gout is coming. Usually, pay attention to drink more acid reducing tea, balance the uric acid content in the body, stay away from gout, reduce the occurrence coefficient of “four high”, and lead a healthy life. CUISINE&HEALTH