The 42 year old aunt is a big girl. She married her 25-year-old boyfriend and looks like Kardashian

Introduction: aging is a terrible problem for everyone, especially for some women. 40 years old has become a threshold for women, this age group of women’s body deformation, skin relaxation problems began to appear. However, although it means that they are physically fat, the pressure of life and family makes them unable to change themselves. < / P > < p > however, I think that for girls, age and life are not excuses for you to lose shape. In fact, age is just a number. We have other ways to delay your aging, such as exercise. A good exercise habit can slow down your aging. Today we will introduce the protagonist is like this, the body fat let her realize to change, so began to choose fitness. < / P > < p > she is a Korean fitness model named Li Yinna. Looking at the picture above, you don’t want to hit her at all. Actually, she is 42 years old! As a 40 year old woman, he didn’t have the body of her age, as if she had nothing to do with people of her age. < / P > < p > her career line is charming, her hips are straight and cocky, and her shoulder to hip ratio is perfect. It’s amazing that all of these are concentrated on a 42 year old woman. From her, do you see that age is really just a number. < / P > < p > of course, it’s incredible to see her figure, but there’s another thing that surprises you even more. Her boyfriend is only 25 years old, which is a typical “sister brother relationship”. They got to know each other when they were working out. With the constant communication, their feelings kept heating up, and finally they got together. After their marriage, they gave birth to a pair of twins. As long as you keep yourself young, maybe your boyfriend is still in kindergarten. < / P > < p > there are some differences between Li Yinna and other women in fitness. He prefers strength training. His figure curve is also trained in strength training. In fact, for women, strength training is very necessary, because it is more helpful for you to lose weight. < / P > < p > action tips: lift your legs to 45 degrees; during exhalation, move your legs closer to your body; when you inhale, push your legs to 45 degrees. < / P > < p > this kind of stretcher is very convenient to use and can be practiced at home. If you don’t have much time to exercise, this thruster is your best choice. If you want to lose weight, take it home now! < / P > < p > conclusion: for women, muscles are more important than boys. Maintaining a high muscle mass can effectively delay the aging process. So strength training is very important for women. If you want to keep fit, you must have strength training. Focus