The advantages of new contraceptives are obvious, and condoms will be replaced? Expert: it’s hard to be popular

In China, more than 13 million women have undergone abortion every year, and nearly 45% of them have repeated abortions. Among them, half of the abortion women are under 25 years old, and the youngest abortion age is 13 years old.

behind this group of shocking data, apart from a few cases of forced termination of pregnancy due to unhealthy embryonic development, more are accidental pregnancies caused by the lack of family planning and common sense of contraception.

Juan Zi’s first love took place in the University, and the passionate young people soon lived together. During this period, Juanzi got pregnant accidentally. Because she had no money, her boyfriend took her to a small clinic for abortion.

she got to know her husband through a blind date. She got married less than a year after falling in love. After marriage, she actively prepared for pregnancy because of the “birth” of the elderly on both sides. However, no matter how hard she tried, her stomach was still.

Juanzi’s mother was so anxious that she quietly took her daughter to the local gynecological hospital for examination. However, it was a bolt from the blue. Juanzi because of the irregular abortion experience in University, leading to uterine infection, plus no good care after surgery, now normal pregnancy is very difficult.

the small town is not big, and the affair of Juanzi was soon embellished. She couldn’t stand the criticism from others. Her husband filed for a divorce on the ground that she was unable to bear children.

many netizens sympathized with Juanzi’s sufferings, but some people “mourned her misfortune and did not fight with her”: the most abhorrent thing was her first love boyfriend, who neither knew contraception nor had medical knowledge.

I’m afraid that the man who caused the crime has already left Juanzi out of the sky and lived his life at ease. Women, do not be so silly, love freedom, but self-protection or do enough, to remember that abortion for women’s physical and mental harm is irreversible.

in the new era of gradual opening up of ideas, premarital sexual behavior, premarital cohabitation and other phenomena are common. However, as a woman enjoying a passionate life, she must not forget to protect her fertility endowed by God.

do not think that with the progress of modern medicine, abortion is 100% safe. In addition to the postoperative sequelae, a series of risk factors such as uterine perforation, cervical injury, infection and bleeding also exist.

to stay away from abortion surgery, the most direct and effective method is contraception. In addition to contraceptives, condoms and contraceptive rings, contraceptive ring, a kind of ring contraceptive product similar to condom, has been listed abroad in recent years.

different from disposable oral contraceptives, contraceptive ring contains contraceptives, which can be released slowly if worn in women’s private places, and the contraceptive effect can last for two years.

contraceptive ring is different from birth control ring. It can be worn by women at home without professional doctors. And the contraceptive ring is very convenient, with fertility plans can be removed at any time, does not affect the preparation of pregnancy.

the biggest difference between contraceptive ring and condom is that contraceptive ring is not disposable. When it is not used, it should be washed and stored well. In theory, the efficacy of the drug will not expire. Moreover, the contraceptive ring does not affect the “sense of use”, so it is very popular abroad.

although contraceptive ring has four obvious advantages and good market feedback in foreign markets, many professionals think that contraceptive ring is difficult to be popular in China. There are two main reasons:

this kind of contraceptive ring contains selenium acetate and ethinylestradiol. Even though these two kinds of drugs have no side effects on human body, but in Chinese words They are translated as “hormones”. Chinese people tend to worry about side effects or irritation of hormone drugs, so they are prone to psychological resistance.

the use of this kind of contraceptive ring does not need a professional gynecologist. It is mainly used by women as users. Although China has already got rid of feudal ideas in the new era, most Chinese women are more conservative in their sexual concept and less open than Western women. Restricted by this traditional concept, there are still some limitations and difficulties in the promotion of this kind of contraceptive ring which is mainly used by women.

with the continuous progress of the times, more and more new contraceptive products emerge in the market, and contraceptive ring is one of them. It can be popular in foreign markets, but also affirmed the product itself. For those women who have no plans for family planning, we hope that we can break the shackles of traditional concepts. While enjoying the passion of love, we should first learn to protect ourselves. Secondly, we should learn to choose suitable contraceptive products. HEALTHY LIFE