The appearance of “1 little, 2 more, 3 big” indicates that you are aging, if not, it is worth celebrating

Introduction: for women, aging is an inevitable, but particularly unbearable thing. After the age of 28, women’s physical functions will begin to decline in all aspects, beginning to suffer from many small problems, and there are also a variety of physical reactions closely related to aging, which makes women worried. In fact, early maintenance of the ovary and uterus, is able to slow down the pace of aging, which has become a lot of women’s concern. < / P > < p > the amount of menstruation is closely related to Qi and blood in women. When Qi and blood are sufficient, menstrual volume will be more, which can discharge more toxins accumulated in the uterus. But if the body Qi and blood is insufficient, menstrual volume will be reduced, many toxins can not be discharged with menstruation, accumulation in the body will cause many problems, accelerate the aging of the body. It is difficult to make the wrinkles in the corners of the eyes, the wrinkles on the head and the wrinkles in the eyes disappear once they appear. In fact, wrinkles increase, indicating that our skin began to relax, the body’s function began to decline. Therefore, once we find frequent hair loss, canthus lines and law lines also appear, we should be aware that we are beginning to aging, early maintenance is the correct way to deal with. < / P > < p > when women begin to age, the work efficiency of various systems in the body will begin to deteriorate. A slower respiratory system can cause a larger nose, which requires a larger nose to breathe more fresh air. Obstruction of meridians will lead to neck thickening, and various shoulder and neck pain will appear. Poor digestive system will make the food you eat become fat and accumulate in your waist, which will make your waistline bigger and your figure out of shape. < / P > < p > exercise can improve our mental outlook, provide sufficient oxygen and nutrition for all aspects of our body functions, maintain good health, release the pressure of life, improve the quality of sleep, and make our body more healthy. Therefore, in order to delay aging, we should insist on doing about 30 minutes of exercise every day, such as yoga, jogging, Taiji, etc., to maintain a good figure, aging will come later. < / P > < p > to delay the arrival of aging, we should pay more attention to diet. Every day, meat and vegetable should be reasonably matched, and the proportion should be controlled at about 4:6. Vitamin and protein supplement is also very important. Eat some meat, fruit and vegetables every day to ensure a balanced nutrition, make the body stronger, stronger resistance and immunity. < / P > < p > a young mind can bring a young body. In terms of delaying aging, many celebrities have given us good examples. Every day, we insist on learning some new knowledge, trying more delicious food and things we haven’t done, so as to make our mind younger, and also make our body stronger and more comfortable, which can solve more life pressure. < / P > < p > women need to be nurtured and have enough Qi and blood. Women’s complexion will be better, and their aging will slow down their pace, and they will not catch up with us soon. To regulate qi and blood from the inside to the outside, the method of dietotherapy is the most appropriate. “Red dates, longans, wolfberry, dried ginger, Poria cocos and other food materials, with beauty and beauty, tonifying qi and nourishing blood and other effects.” In terms of medicine and food homology, as long as they are scientifically matched and soaked in water, you can replenish qi and blood, and make women look better and their bodies younger. Chinese medicine snacks also mentioned their role: < / P > < p > longan: with antioxidant, anti-aging, invigorating yang and Qi, tonifying the heart and spleen, nourishing blood and tranquilizing mind, moistening skin and beauty, prolonging life, reducing blood lipid, and strengthening physique. < / P > < p > these ingredients can slow down the aging speed of women’s bodies and make them younger by drinking them with water. It takes time to match these ingredients. We can directly choose a matched beauty tea and drink it every day. If we persist in it, the aging speed will slow down and the appearance will be better day by day. Conclusion: the appearance of “1 little, 2 more, 3 big” indicates that you are aging, if not, it is worth celebrating. For women, delaying aging can not only make us feel better and face more life pressure, but also make our body better and more attractive. Focus