The baby’s character was formed when she was born. These three manifestations suggest that she is a “naughty boy”

Character is a kind of habitual reaction to things in the process of growing up. A person’s character is closely related to his original family, the social environment and the way of education.

Sometimes you will find that although a person looks “naive”, he is earnest and sincere in his work and is often liked by others. Some people, no matter what environment they are in, are “self-made” and soon get to know each other. Others are not sociable and like to focus on their own work. All these are actually related to the formation of their early personality.

it seems that Wenwen’s fetal movement after pregnancy is more frequent than that of expectant mothers during the same pregnancy period, and the fetal baby’s movement range is also larger. At first, she thought that the fetal baby was uncomfortable, but after going to the hospital for examination, the doctor said that everything was normal and there was no need to worry.

later, she mentioned it to her mother-in-law. Her mother-in-law recalled with a smile that it was like this when she was pregnant with a father. It is estimated that the child’s character is like a father. After birth, she is also a “naughty bag”. As a parent, you have to worry about it!

after the baby was born, not only did she cry so much that she couldn’t sleep well, but also her cry was louder than that of other children. Now she finally understood what her mother-in-law meant.

some experts believe that this is because the secretion of monoamine oxidase, 5-hydroxytryptamine gene, and norepinephrine can affect a person’s personality, which is difficult to change.

what kinds of fetal movements do they have and what kinds of personalities do they affect? First of all, it’s boxing and kicking type. This kind of baby is very naughty, often carries on the whole body movement, and each movement lasts for a long time. This kind of baby will be more lively after birth.

and then there is the mobile type at night, because in the world of fetal babies, they are regardless of day and night, but after the pregnant mother has enough to eat and drink, he will start to move. This kind of baby is relatively introverted when he grows up, because after the pregnant mother goes to bed, the baby’s fetal movement rarely gets response, and may lack a sense of security.

no matter boys or girls, some babies have a loud voice after birth, while others have a soft and weak cry, which is an important sign of the baby’s lung function.

the bigger the cry, the fuller the air in the lungs, and the faster the baby can master the breathing ability and master the breathing skills. This kind of baby is more willing to explore in character, and most of them will be a “naughty bag” when they grow up.

the first language that babies master after birth is crying, so they will express their needs through crying. If their needs are not met, they will keep crying.

when the baby leaves the warm and familiar womb and comes to the strange environment outside, it will lack a sense of security. At this time, the touch of Baoma will make the baby get great satisfaction. When they grow up, they are more willing to cry when they feel insecure.

all say that crying children have milk to drink. Yes, when the baby is hungry, he will use crying to remind his mother that as long as he eats, even if he has tears on his face, he will stop crying immediately.

Sometimes the baby’s body is uncomfortable, or where it is different from usual, the baby will also send out a “signal” through crying. At this time, Baoma should take the initiative to check the baby’s body parts or close fitting clothes to see if it is hot or too cold, whether there is abdominal distension pain, whether there is clothing discomfort, etc.

babies have some passive skills that they can master without autonomous learning. For example, sucking, looking up and so on, often little naughty children master faster and better than other children.

although a child’s character has a natural part, the cultivation of the child’s character is more crucial. Before the age of 6, it is the basis for the formation of a child’s adult character. Parents should accompany more and guide them correctly. After pregnancy, do not let the wife do these five kinds of housework, the husband should be responsible for it, otherwise it is easy to hurt the fetus!