The body has “1 thin, 2 pain, 3 more”, the liver has become “dirty”, if not, the liver is very healthy

Luteal hormone in the human body plays a role in promoting the secretion of sebum. The liver, on the other hand, destroys the luteal hormone and adjusts the hormone balance. Therefore, the decrease of liver function will increase the secretion of sebum, and eventually lead to acne cluster. < / P > < p > under normal circumstances, the human body will be energetic after a night’s rest and get up in the morning. If you don’t stay up late and get up early, you still feel weak and tired. You need to consider liver health. When the liver function is damaged, it will lead to fatigue, which is often ignored, therefore, we must be vigilant. < / P > < p > the dark red vascular nevi on the surface of the skin area where the superior vena cava flows through, such as the face and neck, the anterior chest, the shoulder and the back of the upper hand, is called “spider nevus” because it is very similar to a spider. About 54% of patients with chronic hepatitis and liver cirrhosis may have spider nevus. With the improvement of liver function, spider nevus can change from bright red to dark, and finally disappear. < / P > < p > the reason why the liver is damaged is mostly closely related to the bad living habits and eating habits. Therefore, we must be vigilant in daily life and do not act willfully. < p > < p > therefore, in the process of diet, we should pay attention to eat less fatty food, so as to avoid the pressure on the liver caused by the body’s indigestion. Obese people should control their own weight within the normal range and eat less high-fat and high calorie food. < / P > < p > when we buy food, sometimes we forget to eat it in time. If the food is stored for too long, it will become stale and moldy. Do not eat the food at this time. < / P > < p > because the food may have been breeding a lot of aflatoxins, eating it will seriously damage the health of the liver. The liver is very afraid of mold. At ordinary times, the food is still fresh. If it is too long, please throw it away as soon as possible. < / P > < p > staying up late often not only leads to insufficient sleep, but also affects the self-healing of liver at night, which needs to be done in deep sleep. < / P > < p > staying up late makes the liver unable to complete the excretion of toxins, resulting in the generation of fresh Qi and blood. In the long run, damaged liver cells are difficult to repair, but worsen and cause great harm to the body. < / P > < p > the liver has the function of catharsis, long-term depression, or excessive psychological pressure, will cause damage to the liver, causing Qi and blood is not smooth, depression and disease. Therefore, daily attention should be paid to relax the state of mind, so as to reduce the pressure on the liver. This is because only 10% of alcohol is digested in the stomach and the rest 90% is metabolized through the liver. Alcohol, the main component of alcohol, can directly stimulate and damage liver cells. Long term drinking can easily cause hepatitis, cirrhosis and even liver cancer. Semen Cassiae is the seed of Cassia obtusifolia, also known as “Huantong Zi”, which is obviously good for eyes. There are records: cassia seed eyesight, in order to Zhen Qian Bu Yin for righteousness, conducive to clear fire and eyesight. Lycium barbarum L. is sweet in taste, and its sex is usually used to regulate the liver and kidney viscera. It can tonify deficiency and replenish spirit, clear heat and improve eyesight. Wolfberry fruit often makes tea with chrysanthemum, which has the function of nourishing liver and eyesight. < / P > < p > in addition to the above three ingredients, honeysuckle is also added. Since ancient times, honeysuckle has been known as a food material for clearing away heat and detoxification. It is sweet, cold and heat clearing without damaging the stomach. Its fragrance can reach through and dispel evil. < p > < p > tap the gall meridian once a day for 10 minutes to get fever. It can promote liver and gallbladder detoxification and enhance the body’s immunity. It is the only way to strengthen the constitution. At the same time, < / P > will not affect the liver and gallbladder. Spring Yang Qi hair, rely on the gall channel, the gall master Yang. Therefore, we should pay close attention to the gall bladder Sutra, Yang Qi get the growth, a year have a good state. < / P > < p > bend and open your legs before going to bed every day. Start with your left leg, press your hands on the base of your thigh and push forward slightly to your knees. First left and then right, repeatedly push up 50 times can smooth the liver meridian, dredge and regulate liver qi, so that the liver and gallbladder can fully detoxify in sleep, and you will dream beautiful dreams. < / P > < p > do you have the phenomenon of “1 thin, 2 painful and 3 excessive”? Welcome to comment area message, welcome comment area message discussion, high quality comments have the opportunity to get a book! Focus