The body is often inexplicably numb, or the signal of these five diseases

Carpal tunnel syndrome, specifically refers to the wrist part of the human body, due to strain and other reasons caused by wrist transverse ligament thickening, carpal tunnel muscle swelling, blood stasis, resulting in tissue degeneration, leading to carpal bone degeneration and proliferation, lumen diameter reduction, and then compression to the arm nerve disease.

with the development of society, no matter in daily life or work, people often have to face the choice of humble people. In the long run, neck bending will lead to neck and shoulder pain, stiffness, unilateral arm, finger numbness, dizziness, brain blood supply insufficiency and other adverse reactions.

and this kind of numbness is usually chronic and recurrent. Therefore, it is suggested that friends who work and study for a long time should adjust their time as much as possible, move their cervical vertebrae, and do not put too high a pillow for sleeping.

when you find that one side of your leg or foot is numb and unable to move in your daily life, it may also be caused by lumbar disease. It also has the characteristics of chronic and recurrent attacks.

in addition, it will be accompanied by people’s waist pain, acid swelling and other symptoms of discomfort, especially for those who have been engaged in physical labor for a long time or have a history of lumbar trauma, they are more likely to have lumbar disease.

therefore, in daily life, if you find that your hands and feet are prone to numbness, especially in unilateral cases, you must go to the hospital for examination and treatment in time, because this may be cerebral infarction, which is the precursor of ischemic stroke in clinical medicine.

diabetes can lead to the increase of blood pressure and blood sugar in people. At the same time, it will also make the possibility of peripheral nerve lesions, in this case, usually make the patient’s body appear symmetrical pain, generally in the lower limb.

in the course of the disease, patients will feel abnormal numbness, fever or acupuncture, electric shock like feeling, which also needs to arouse our vigilance.

in a word, in daily life, if you find that your limbs are prone to numbness, you need to go to the hospital for treatment. Don’t think it’s a small thing. Sometimes it may be the above diseases, which are about to knock on the door. Luanban