The boy kneels down to his mother with cancer: his mother is dead and his father refuses to go home

On the afternoon of November 30, the surging news learned from the child’s uncle, Mr. Yuan, that at about 1:00 a.m. on the 29th, the mother of the child died in Linquan County People’s hospital due to advanced liver cancer. According to the official micro blog of Anhui public channel on November 26, Mr. Yuan said his sister yuan Jinli, 40, suffered from breast cancer in 2016, and then the cancer cells spread to her liver and other organs. Yuan Jinli was diagnosed with advanced liver cancer in November 2020. He said the online video was shot on November 15, when his sister yuan Jinli, who had just been hospitalized, was relatively conscious. With tears in his eyes, the child asked his mother to cheer up and fight against the disease. At the same time, he promised to go to college and repay his mother. Yuan Jinli couldn’t speak normally and could only touch the child’s face with her hand. According to the above-mentioned report, according to Mr. Yuan, his “brother-in-law” has been out of touch for many years and has not been contacted. He hoped that the father of the child could return to Linquan and meet his family. On the afternoon of November 30, a staff member of Fuyang women’s Federation of Anhui Province told the surging news that the parents of the boy mentioned above did not receive marriage certificate, only had de facto marriage. And the father of the child always suspected that the boy was not his own. According to Mr. Yuan, a paternity test was conducted at that time, and the results confirmed that the relationship between the child and the father was indeed father-child relationship. But when the boy was three years old, his father ran away from home under the pretext of buying milk powder, so far he did not show up. However, Mr. Yuan did not provide relevant materials for paternity testing. < / P > < p > according to the staff, the boy’s wish was for his father to come back. But when the county women’s Federation called the boy’s father, his father hung up after the boy called “Dad”. Later, when the county women’s Federation called the boy’s father again, the phone was not connected. “Now the boy’s father does not show up and can not confirm the existence of abandonment behavior, so it is not mandatory to investigate his responsibility, and the follow-up is mainly through consultation.” The staff said. < / P > < p > the above-mentioned staff also said that the local education department has done a good job in protecting the school, and the boy is in the local school; in addition, the local relevant departments have started the procedures of temporary custody and judicial assistance, and the boy is now in the care of his uncle, Mr. Yuan. At the same time, local public security organs have stepped in the search for the boy’s father, which said the specific progress was not disclosed. On the afternoon of the same day, a staff member of the Red Cross Society of Linquan County said that on November 23, they opened a donation channel for their children. The local civil affairs bureau has been involved in the matter. Don’t want to get pimples again? “Acne” you should do this