The devil’s body of the net red, the face of the angel, if you want, you can also have

Let’s take a look at today’s fitness net. This fitness net red is not only the generation after 90, but also the tail of the generation after 90. She was born in 1999 and now has many fans on the Internet. When she was a child, she had her own prejudice against the gym. She didn’t like girls going to the gym. < / P > < p > she has strict requirements for her physical fitness and clear goals. She wants to know where her body is going in the future. This 1999 fitness net red, through his own way of fitness, has a 106CM hip circumference, 66cm waist circumference, typical ant waist circumference and peach hip circumference, so the ultimate shape of hourglass shape is absolutely beautiful. < / P > < p > is a simple girl in life, but when she talks about the gym, she is just like another person. She is full of energy and fighting spirit. She was deeply excited by the reality. Gym makes her full of passion, gym makes her full of energy. And in the gym, she also met the true love of life, two people often go to exercise together, in the gym, two people are a charming scenery, envy a lot of single dog. < / P > < p > women have different body shapes, while men have strong bodies. These two are made in heaven. In addition to hobbies, we can also discuss the gym together. The reason why she can exercise 106CM hip circumference and 66cm waist circumference is mainly because of her behavior in daily life. < / P > < p > in order to make her hip curve more delicate and to exercise her peach hip, she does a lot of hip training every day, such as Yoga Pilates and other hip and leg training activities. If a person’s hip circumference is small, the hip curve is more prominent, but the thigh is very thick, and it doesn’t look hurt, so she will never let her leg be particularly thick. < / P > < p > she resolutely adopts the push up movement of goats, doing 2-3 groups every day. In addition, some commonly used waist and abdomen training movements are also her favorite. It is because of the persistence and repeated practice of these movements that she can portray the figure like an hourglass. She had an enviable figure when she was young. < / P > < p > after training for a slim figure, she is full of vitality, energy and confidence. She understands that she can not only do well in fitness, but also do what she wants to do. The gym not only changed her figure, but also made her stronger and stronger, making her fearless. < / P > < p > to share with you these fitness programs: lifting exercise is very simple, as long as you can complete the exercise with the help of Pilates pull rope, three simple fitness methods, you only need 20 minutes a day. 08/16/2020