The doctor of medicine does experiments on himself, letting 5000 mosquitoes bite his arm every day

Dr. perran Stott Ross, from the University of Melbourne, Australia, used his own experiment to prevent dengue fever, a deadly infectious disease, by letting 5000 mosquitoes bite his arm every day. < / P > < p > in the past 50 years, dengue fever has spread rapidly all over the world, and about 25000 people die of this infectious disease every year. Wolbachia is known to be able to prevent the spread of dengue fever, and it does no harm to human beings. So Dr. Stott Ross infected his own mosquitoes with this bacteria, and then let them bite themselves, hoping to promote the prevention and control of dengue fever through this experiment. The control of dengue fever by Wolbachia has achieved good results in northern Australia. The work began in 2011, making dengue fever extinct in northern Queensland for the first time in 100 years. < / P > < p > to help other dengue affected areas, Dr. Stott Ross has bred hundreds of thousands of mosquitoes. He first infected mosquito eggs with Wolbachia, and then released the mosquitoes to the wild, allowing them to bite people and vaccinate them in this way. < / P > < p > Dr. Stott Ross has worked with mosquitoes for many years and regularly Posts photos and videos of his research on Twitter to share with his 2500 fans. In a tweet in May, he shared a picture of his arm bitten by a mosquito, saying he had lost 16 milliliters of blood. The infectious disease expert said it was painful to be bitten 5000 times a day by mosquitoes. At present, dengue fever control by releasing mosquitoes infected with Wolbachia is being applied worldwide. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, for example, has seen a 40% to 60% reduction in dengue infection. BEAUTY&SKIN CARE