The embarrassment of natural labor, experienced talent understand, after reading the six scene map, pregnant mother make a preparation in advance

The embarrassment in life always makes people blush and can’t raise their heads, but this is not on the same level as the embarrassment experienced by Baoma women in natural childbirth.

a few days ago, Xiao Lishun gave birth to a girl, and her mother and son are safe. After the second day, he called his friend and said, “my experience in the delivery room was really embarrassing. It’s because I didn’t do my homework and psychological preparation before. Now it’s really silly to think about my reaction at that time.”

the embarrassment of natural childbirth is understood by those who have experienced it. Six pictures are restored to the delivery room, which will take you into the real production process. The expectant mother should make psychological preparations in advance.

when we watch movies and TV series, we will find that people who give birth to children will cover a piece of cloth. In fact, when they are in the delivery room, Baoma will be naked.

many shy women are a little shy at the first level, but this is only the first embarrassment in natural labor, and it is relatively low-end.

it’s OK to be naked. If it’s a female nurse, we can tolerate it. However, there are many male doctors in gynecology, and they are more physically dominant. Sometimes they can help the lying in women, so it’s common to meet male doctors. However, some Baoma said that if they had no psychological preparation, they would be embarrassed if they suddenly had a male doctor standing in front of them.

I heard that you have to shave when you have a baby? Yes, this is commonly called “skin preparation” in medicine. It is mainly used to clean the skin of the relevant parts of the pregnant woman, so as to avoid infection during natural labor.

pregnant mothers should not think about this embarrassing situation and let their families do the work for them. It is not safe to do so. Doctors are doing this every day, so they are much more experienced than ordinary families, and they are used to it, and they don’t feel embarrassed like ordinary people.

when giving birth, doctors need to pay attention to the opening degree of the uterine mouth of the puerpera at any time. If it can reach the “ten fingers”, it means that the baby is about to be born. At this time, the doctor will pay more attention to the maternal body. But early doctors need irregular examination, which makes many Baoma feel very embarrassed.

this is a level that many treasure mothers would advise before giving birth. Lateral incision refers to a work that has to be carried out on Baoma because of the baby’s big size or dystocia. According to a survey, 90% of natural born Baoma need to go through this process. Because of the delicate operation of private parts, Baoma will feel embarrassed when her body is exposed to doctors.

fecal incontinence is the most common condition in the production process. Many Baoma mothers have started this process before the baby is born. Even after some incontinence, they will ask the doctor: I just feel something is coming out. Is it baobaosheng? Such scenes are performed every day in the delivery room, and doctors are used to it, so no matter how embarrassed Baoma feels, in the eyes of doctors, this is a normal phenomenon.

the embarrassment of the delivery room is not a bad thing, but if Baoma is too nervous, it will affect the production process. Therefore, before you really enter the delivery room, it is necessary to understand the “internal” situation in advance, and make psychological preparation to better and faster birth. Focus