The feeling of having a super fairy cat

After getting up in the morning, as an excellent excrement removal officer, the first thing is not to wash your face and brush your teeth, but to wash, brush and shovel excrement for every cat, so that the cats can be beautiful, and then they can get up to clean up.

after all, a furry, clean and beautiful cat must be comfortable to hold in your arms. Especially in winter, warm, velvet than boyfriends more intimate.

recently, there are more and more kittens. Every wechat group of the mother cat can instantly switch to a big cat show, and friends in the group share their own treasures and enjoy it.

of course, there are also distressing things. In order to make the cat rich, I always have to sacrifice my snack money to buy pet biscuits, fresh meat bags and canned salmon that meow loves to eat.

the charm of cats is that they stay with you when they feel like you. But sometimes, when you look for her, she ignores you and looks for a corner to have a rest. This is the cat’s character, gentle and cold, but I just can’t help liking it.