The female Helicobacter pylori exceeds the standard 10 times, the stomach is like chicken skin, doctor: smell to know, the stomach is rotten mostly

Due to stomachache, acid and bloating, the 28 year old Zhou often suffered from stomachache. Even though she took the medicine, she never recovered. Moreover, her mouth still reeked from time to time. Therefore, she went to the hospital for examination. After listening to Ms. Zhou’s speech, the doctor quickly avoided two meters away, because there was a bad smell of bad breath. Then he opened a gastroscope examination sheet. After gastroscopy, he found that there were many dense, uneven size convex small particles, which were diffuse in the inner wall of the whole stomach wall, like pulled chicken skin. The doctor explained that this is a typical chicken skin gastritis. And the examination also showed that Xiaozhou not only suffered from chicken skin like gastritis, her Helicobacter pylori index also exceeded the normal value of 10 times! Helicobacter pylori is the main cause of chicken skin like gastritis. Gastritis, such as chicken skin, is closely related to the deterioration of stomach disease. In other words, chicken skin gastritis is a hotbed of stomach disease for young people. This disease is a special type of gastric disease, with an abnormally high level of malignancy, and it progresses rapidly and usually has poor prognosis. < / P > < p > the doctor reminds that if the patient is diagnosed as chicken skin gastritis after gastroscopy, it needs to be attached great importance. If you want to stay away from stomach disease, you need to do two things: first, treat immediately to eliminate Helicobacter pylori; second, regular gastroscopy should be carried out to prevent recurrence of gastropathy. < / P > < p > so, what makes destroying Helicobacter pylori useful? Taking drugs and diet therapy, comprehensive conditioning is very important, otherwise the treatment effect will be greatly reduced < / P > < p > now the elimination of Helicobacter pylori is basically required to use quadruple drugs, including: an acid inhibitor + bismuth + two antibacterial agents. The usual course of treatment is 10-14 days, less than 10 days may not be able to completely eliminate bacteria, but more than 14 days is not necessary, only increase the dosage and increase the side effects of the body. It should be noted that the treatment process should be completed continuously according to the doctor’s advice, and the treatment should not be interrupted or the drug should not be changed easily. Otherwise, the sterilization is not complete, and the bacteria will have drug resistance, which will bring more trouble to the treatment. < / P > < p > in the three meal diet, we should pay attention to stop stimulating food and unhealthy food absorption, otherwise it is easy to breed Helicobacter pylori, leading to its large number of reproduction. When eating, you should also pay attention not to share tableware with each other, otherwise it is easy to infect each other and increase the difficulty of treatment. < / P > < p > these foods can inhibit the penetration of Helicobacter pylori and keep the stomach healthy by eating into the stomach. Even people without stomach diseases can eat more. < p > < p > bergamot and yam: it can relieve stomachache, benefit the stomach, change the environment of the stomach, make Helicobacter pylori grow, and cherish the gastric mucosa, which is helpful to nourish the stomach. < / P > < p > if you feel that there are too many things to remember and it’s troublesome to match them, you can also use the packed clove Seabuckthorn Bergamot tea directly and drink it with hot water. < / P > < p > lack of sleep can lead to gastric ulcer and other gastric diseases. Especially for people who lack sleep for a long time, the blood flow of stomach will be reduced a lot. The decrease of blood flow will reduce the ability of self-protection of gastric barrier and greatly increase the chance of suffering from gastric ulcer. < / P > < p > when eating, slow chewing helps to chew food into small pieces, which will reduce the digestive burden on our stomach. Meal time, as soon as possible to control about 15 minutes, such mouth salivary amylase may be better with food to promote, conducive to their own digestion. Focus