The first group of “shanghuan” women, now mostly forget to take! Take out the IUD before that!

In the context of family planning, many women are semi compulsory. Now, it’s 30 or 40 years since the first group of “shanghuan” women, so what’s their current situation? < / P > < p > there are statistics: every year, 10 million women choose to do “shanghuan” surgery, but few women go to get the ring when they have reached the age. The most fundamental reason is the lack of knowledge about getting the ring, or simply ignore it. Many women even forget the existence of “Jieyu ring” in their bodies. < / P > < p > theoretically, the longest service life of IUD in female body is 20 years. Once the service life is over, the IUD will stay in women’s body for a long time, which will lead to the aging or corrosion of IUD, leading to contraceptive failure, and there is no significance of existence. < / P > < p > in addition, if the IUD is kept in women’s body for a long time, it will gradually integrate with the uterine muscle, and even break through the uterine wall and enter the abdominal cavity, resulting in difficult removal and possible laceration of the rectum. < / P > < p > the longer the IUD is placed in the body, the greater the probability of the above risks. Therefore, women should not ignore the importance of “removing the IUD”. < / P > < p > women’s menstruation starts from puberty, and begins to enter the menopause stage in old age. At this time, the ovary began to atrophy, has been unable to support endometrial hyperplasia and shedding, with the growth of time, menstruation will not come again. < / P > < p > Y-ring and V-ring are used for 5-8 years; t-ring is used for 10-15 years; the earliest O-ring can be used for 20 years at most; < / P > < p > different contraceptive rings will age and corrode when they are used for a long time, and the contraceptive effect will be greatly reduced. Pregnancy and ectopic pregnancy are also very easy to occur, which seriously endangers women’s health. < / P > < p > therefore, when placing the IUD, women should understand the material and service life of the IUD, and remember to go to the hospital to “remove the IUD” when the service life is approaching. < / P > < p > after all, if the IUD is placed in the body for a period of time, once it is removed, it will have a corresponding impact on the body, so it is also very important for women to know how to take care of themselves. < / P > < p > after taking out the ring, make sure to have a good rest. If conditions permit, it is best to stay in bed for one or two days, so that the body can have a buffering process and avoid some other diseases due to fatigue. < / P > < p > it is normal for women to have “blood retention” after removing the ring, so more attention should be paid to personal hygiene at this stage to prevent infection again. < / P > < p > hanging the ring is to avoid the harm to one’s body caused by abortion after pregnancy. Once one forgets to take the ring, the impact on one’s body is no less than abortion. Therefore, women must remember to “take the ring” on time, and do not let the body’s “protective body” become “harmful body”. Focus