“The first seven and the last eight” line days “are the safest

Fertility is related to every family, and it is also one of the hot topics that people discuss during the Spring Festival. However, in today’s fast-growing society, young people are facing greater pressure in life, and “children” are not considered for the time being. Therefore, “contraception” has become the focus of many people’s attention. < / P > < p > there are many ways of contraception, among which many people are familiar with rooming in the “first seven and last eight” safe period. But what does this mean, and does it really work? Now let’s take a look. < / P > < p > we all know that women have menstruation every month since puberty. People call the first seven days and the last eight days of menstruation “the first seven days and the last eight days” and think that they won’t get pregnant during this period. < / P > < p > the closer to the menstrual period, the safer it is, that is, two “three days” before or after menstruation is the safest. At this time, the egg is not mature, probably will not be discharged. However, after menstruation, women’s body is still in the recovery stage, roommates will bring bacteria to the body, affecting health, so we should pay more attention. In addition, some women will also appear lumbago, fatigue and other symptoms, need to combine the actual situation to choose. < / P > < p > although the “first seven and last eight” will reduce the probability of pregnancy, it does not mean that it will never “win the lottery”. And some women’s menstruation is irregular, unable to accurately predict the physiological period, which brings some difficulties for contraception. Therefore, both husband and wife should treat this “formula” dialectically and understand the risks behind it. If you want to use contraception in a safe period, it is recommended to choose before ovulation to reduce the probability of pregnancy. The effect of < / P > < p > condom is more significant, which can reduce “worries” for both sides. And this method can reduce the risk of bacterial infection, more health. In addition, the use of condoms will not have the side effects of drugs, less harm to the body. < / P > < p > there are many kinds of contraceptives on the market, and most people choose short acting drugs. Before the purchase, both parties should do a good job in the investigation, understand the possible side effects after taking drugs, and choose the one with less harm to the body. < / P > < p > for contraception, many women put a “ring” in their body. The purpose of this ring is to prevent fertilization, but it does great harm to women’s body, which may lead to inflammation, increased menstruation and so on. < / P > < p > in addition to dividing the time of safety period, as a topic of long-term company with women, menstruation also affects and reflects women’s physical condition. Only by correctly handling menstruation, can we have a more healthy body. During menstruation, women are more sensitive to temperature. If you do not pay attention to clothing, diet, water and other aspects, it will cause dysmenorrhea, serious cases will leave roots. < / P > < p > fertility problems range from individuals to countries. Contraception can help us better plan our future life and know what we want. Safety period is not absolutely safe, couples should understand the relevant knowledge to avoid accidents. Your name will always exist on the Internet