The four “popular” autumn winter cream is not cheap yet, and it is also choosy when using it.

popular and popular cream, do you understand? Especially in autumn and winter, when exposed to dry climate for a long time, exposed skin is particularly prone to dry and water shortage. And our basic milk can no longer meet the needs of our skin. Cream as a small water lock expert must be put on the agenda at the same time, and the popular four kinds of cream are why they are always choosy.

Estee Lauder Zhi Yan cream is an old net red, which is also enough to see that it is also more popular, it is divided into two types. One is nourishing cream, the other is essence cream. Today, we focus on sharing cream. Its main nourishing cream is nourishing, nourishing, delicate skin and keeping the body moist. There is another characteristic that begins with nourishment. After using it, I obviously feel that the skin is much more delicate. I feel it smooth and tender with my hand, and the skin feeling is also good. < / P > < p > but it is more suitable for dry skin and neutral skin, which is limited. It is not the same as essence cream. It is slightly heavier and has a kind of colloid feeling when pushed away, but it is easy to absorb and not greasy.

‘s high moisturizing cream is divided into moisturizing and refreshing. It is very suitable for dry skin and is also called dry skin. Its main effect is strong hydration, strong repair, can start from the deep layer of our facial skin hydration. After the face will feel that the skin is very moist, very tender, like drinking enough water. The point is that it does not pick skin, sensitive muscle baby can also use. < / P > < p > the flaw in the beauty is that there will be mud rubbing in the follow-up makeup. It is the texture of cream, moisturizing but not greasy. It’s very comfortable when it’s on the face, and it absorbs quickly. There’s no feeling of pasting the face.

this is a lady’s cream, which can be taken into account in our skin problems. Its main effect is to fade fine lines, delicate repair, tight pull, tender and bright, you can see that the function is more comprehensive. Let our skin look delicate, smooth and elastic, and it will not pick the skin type, whether it is oily skin sister or dry skin sister can be used. < / P > < p > the effect of brightening skin color is also good, which can be seen from the inside out. It is divided into refreshing and moisturizing two types, the same two types of texture are more water and light, after the face will feel the skin is very tender, there is a water pengpeng feel.

this cream is a real little lady. If the purse is bulging, it won’t be a big problem. This classic cream is mainly made of compact wrinkle resistant, deep water replenishment, and repair function. The red blood can also be improved. After a long time, it can feel that your skin is not dry and dry. The problem of card powder on the makeup is also gradually reduced. These are the deep moisturizing functions of the cream to relieve the serious water shortage of the skin in autumn and winter. In the dry autumn and winter, the skin is still full of water, which also reduces the generation of dry lines. < / P > < p > its texture is a little thick, almost no liquidity, which may also make people picky. However, it is still moist and has no greasy feeling, but it does not need to use too much, otherwise it is easy to paste face.

the use of these four cream can be said to be more and more popular. More people begin to pay attention to the skin maintenance in autumn and winter. But almost a lot of products will not perfect in every respect, but can only take care of most of the skin problems. There is no perfect product, only the good products slowly improved to Next