The four words difficult to detect on the B-ultrasound list indicate that the pregnant mother has obtained the “natural birth permit” and is enjoying it secretly

After pregnancy, the most common place for expectant mothers to run is the hospital, especially after entering the second trimester of pregnancy, almost every month they have to go to the hospital for obstetric examination.

when it comes to the third trimester of pregnancy, the frequency of prenatal examination can be said to be increasing, especially after 34 weeks, almost every week we have to go to the hospital to do fetal heart rate monitoring, and always pay attention to the health of the baby.

in fact, in the B-ultrasound documents of production inspection, there is hidden Baoma’s “pass for normal production”, which mainly consists of four words that are not easy to detect. If you have this word on your document, you can just enjoy it.

Li Qun has been pregnant for more than 8 months. She went to the hospital for birth examination a few days ago, and then she was always depressed with a B-ultrasound sheet. When asked, she found out that she had been scolded by the doctor.

“the doctor said that the fetal condition is very good, suitable for natural labor, but I have been eating too much at this time. I may not be able to produce enough. I am really depressed. Am I not lagging behind?” Li Qun said indignantly.

I looked at Li Qun’s B-ultrasound sheet, and it really said “left occipital anterior position”. I pointed it out to Li Qun: “these four words are the most obvious” natural birth permit “. In a few days, the fetus will be in the basin, and this fetal position is really not to be selected.”

as soon as I said this, Li Qun was even more worried. If she was guilty of a cesarean section because she didn’t stop talking, and then she had to leave a long scar on her stomach, she would feel flustered after thinking about it.

I comforted him and said, “don’t worry, there is still a chance. Don’t eat too much during this period of time. Keep your mouth shut, open your legs, and have a good exercise. There are still opportunities

before the baby is born, about 38 weeks of gestation, the pregnant mother needs to make a delivery assessment. The delivery mode of the pregnant mother can be evaluated by fetal position, biparietal diameter, weight and physical condition of the pregnant mother.

the head position is the most suitable fetal position for natural birth, and the left occipital anterior position is just the best fetal position among the head positions. Therefore, it can be said that it is very accurate to say that the left occipital anterior position means holding a “natural birth pass”.

occipital anterior position is the most suitable fetal position for natural labor, but it is far from enough to have occipital anterior position alone. It also needs the following conditions.

the symmetry mentioned here is not the symmetry mentioned in geometry, but refers to the coincidence of the maternal birth canal and the baby’s biparietal diameter, so that the baby’s head can pass through the birth canal smoothly, which is the basic condition for smooth delivery.

generally speaking, the soft birth canal of a pregnant mother can be opened to “ten fingers”, that is, the width of 10cm. It is required that the biparietal diameter of the fetus should be less than 9.3cm. However, there are so many macrosomia now, so the specific situation should be considered.

natural childbirth requires the pregnant mother to meet certain conditions. If there are more complications during pregnancy, it may affect the smooth delivery of pregnant mother, such as high weight, high blood pressure and blood glucose, etc., which will bring some troubles to natural childbirth.

the mental state of pregnant mothers is also one of the factors to evaluate whether they can give birth naturally. Many pregnant mothers are exhausted and depressed after more than ten hours of contractions, which will also bring great difficulties to natural childbirth.

if, before labor, the baby has some sudden situations, such as aging of placenta, torsion of umbilical cord, etc., which leads to fetal distress such as hypoxia, it is also necessary to carry out early cesarean section.

the situation in the palace is changing rapidly, and Baoma mothers also need to be vigilant at all times. Once problems are found, they should seek medical examination immediately to ensure the safe birth of the baby. HEALTHY LIFE