The grip strength is not enough. It’s too heavy to pull. How does a master practice the forearm well?

How long has it been since you competed with your friends? When you like fitness, you will focus on the chest, shoulders, back and legs. It’s easy to ignore the unknown forearm. Compared with weakness, a strong and full forearm is more impressive, and can also make the two ends and three ends of the cuff more respectable.

Maybe you used to practice wrist curl, but the effect is very poor. Sometimes you wonder if it’s hereditary and born with thin arms. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t make progress or gain. It’s very likely that you just went the wrong way before. The following seven skills are more effective.

in the process of back training, the use of power band can avoid the problem of insufficient grip strength. If your forearm is strong enough, give up the power band. Because:

as long as you do a pull action, you need to hold the pole tightly with your thumb and other fingers. Otherwise, the pole, dumbbell or rope will fall out of the hand. The greater the weight of the pull, the greater the grip strength, which is provided by the forearm flexors. As far as possible without the help of power band, that can fully train the forearm.

without the help of the power band, the forearm flexors get more stimulation, especially for pulling actions, such as hard pulling, barbell rowing and reverse grip pull-up. In the push action, the forearm extensors will be stimulated, but the work is not as much as in the pull action.

there is a way to train your forearm if you feel uncomfortable when you don’t take the booster belt while practicing your back. Put the barbell on the strength frame, about the length of your arm, and hold it for 30-60 seconds.

a short rod can be set on the low pulley to kneel in front of the instrument, and the wrist can be bent on the flat stool like a bracket; the rope wrist can also be bent on the priest’s chair, and the cushion of the priest’s chair supports the forearm to achieve more pure isolated stimulation.

another method is to use the D-handle to bend the wrist, just like a low to high rope chest clip, just reverse the wrist. Training one arm at a time is usually better for concentration.

you can also use some very basic equipment for forearm training at home. For example, tie a fixed shelf and short rod with rope. Drill a hole in the short pole, use a piece of rope through the hole and tie it to the shelf. Hold the short pole and bend the wrist until the front arm is exhausted. Take a break and do it again. It only takes a few rounds.

another method is the handshake clip, which has different strength levels. The simplest one can be closed with 60 pounds of pressure, but some high-end ones need 360 pounds to complete.

the forearm is made up of very dense muscle tissue, much like the calf. Training once a week is not very helpful for growth. Thinking about how often they use their forearms in so many daily tasks every day, they are used to doing more work.

that’s why you can get the best results by training your forearms more often, three times a week or every other day. Try to plan your training so that you don’t practice your forearm the day before you practice your back or biceps. Because of the sore forearm, you’d better practice your back and biceps after they are over.

practice chest, shoulder or arm 8-12 times, but it doesn’t help the forearm much. Instead, try to do at least one set of 15 sessions, 25-50 per session.

you may think that such a high number of times can’t increase muscle, but think about those small partners with thick forearms, such as the forearms of auto repair workers, because they twist the wrench and pliers and use their maximum strength hundreds of times a day to loosen or tighten various parts, you will understand. No one wants to practice forearm for a long time in a day, so the higher the frequency, the better the effect.

if you’ve never tried, take a pair of dumbbells to walk as a farmer. What you need is to walk about 20 steps, walk forward at a normal speed, and put the weight on both sides of your body until your hands are tired. At the same time, you can also use the weight to walk back and forth.

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