The hair is getting rarer and rarer. What’s the matter? The doctor analyzed the reason and compared it with the control

In our daily life, we find that people are becoming more and more “judge people by their appearance”. People who are good-looking are popular everywhere. Even when they go to the vegetable market to buy vegetables, they are more careful, while some people who are not good-looking feel that they are filling their teeth when they drink cold water. So we pay more and more attention to our appearance. Hair is also an important part of our appearance. So we usually pay attention to our hair style, but when it comes to hair, we have to mention one thing that bothers many people – hair loss. I believe everyone has had such an experience. When we get up in the morning, we lose a lot of hair. The problem of hair loss bothers us all and affects our normal life. So the hair is less and less, what’s the matter? Today, the doctor will analyze several reasons.

if we lack iron or protein in our diet, or take more vitamin A than our body needs, it is easy to lead to hair loss. To change this situation, we can eat more meat, eggs and beans to supplement protein, and eat more spinach and clams to supplement iron. In order to avoid excessive intake of vitamin A, doctors recommend a balanced diet and don’t use too many supplements, such as cod liver oil. However, doctors here remind you that for people who lose weight, losing 13.5kg or so will lead to hair loss, which usually occurs 3-6 months after losing weight. But don’t worry. Under normal circumstances, hair can still come back from the president.

in daily life, many women’s hair will become sparse after menopause. In fact, doctors tell you, not only in postmenopausal Oh hair loss phenomenon. Any age, if the body hormone has a big change will lead to hair loss. For example, many women lose their hair about three months after giving birth, which is caused by hormonal fluctuations.

some women who love beauty may like to use some hairdressing products. However, the doctor reminds us that most of these hairdressing products are chemical agents. If they are used too much or improperly, the hair will become fragile and easy to fall off. If you do not take care of your hair loss for a long time, it will lead to hair follicles and roots injury, resulting in permanent hair loss.

so doctors suggest that we reduce the frequency of hair, or don’t do too many things at a time, such as this perm, the next dyeing, and try to avoid heating the hair, which will help to reduce the damage to our hair.

in daily life, many people often use the wrong method of combing their hair. For example, combing their hair with a relatively tight brush may lead to hair cracking and falling. It is suggested to use a wide tooth comb to comb the hair slowly, which can not only prevent the hair from pulling and tangle, but also reduce the damage of the hair. Of course, we can also use some conditioner or hair oil to protect our hair before combing. Some people have curly hair and can comb it before it’s dry.

when we feel stressed, our body’s energy will be “pulled” to deal with more important and complicated things. In this way, the nutrients absorbed by our hair will be reduced. Hair loss generally occurs within 6 weeks to 3 months after excessive stress. But don’t worry too much. As long as we reduce the pressure properly, the hair will grow again.

in addition to the above mentioned reasons, there are also some drugs, surgery and other reasons that can also lead to hair loss. However, as long as we find the reason and apply the right medicine to the case, we can get rid of the problem of hair loss. Focus