The heart stabs suddenly, must be heart disease? The doctor reminds: these a few factors, also don’t ignore

At this time, we are very afraid whether we have heart disease. After all, the heart is an important organ of human beings. If there is a problem, it will do great harm to the body. At this time, we should go to the hospital in time to do the relevant heart examination, so as to accurately know the cause of heart irritation.

but in fact, this phenomenon is not necessarily heart disease. There are many common causes, and heart disease is only one of them. Let’s introduce it in detail.

the heart of patients with intercostal neuralgia may suddenly feel tingling. The disease is a subjective symptom of patients. The factors causing the disease include excessive fatigue, weakness after the disease, and the use of immunosuppressants.

the treatment of intercostal neuralgia is usually treated with antihypertensive, hypoglycemic, lipid-lowering and antiarrhythmic drugs, including hydrochlorothiazide, acarbose, lidocaine, etc.

sudden tingling in the heart may also be a symptom of costochondritis, which refers to inflammation between the sternum and the ribs, which is a very common disease.

the chest is impacted by external force, lifting heavy objects, strenuous exercise and other behaviors can cause the attack of costochondritis. Besides the pain in the heart, the back and abdomen may also be involved, resulting in pain.

in the treatment of costochondritis, anti-inflammatory analgesia is the main treatment, and corresponding drugs can be taken to alleviate the inflammation. If the symptoms are serious and recurrent, resection can be considered for treatment.

cardiac neurosis is a common cardiovascular disease, which also causes tingling in the heart. There are many causes of the disease, including nerve type, environmental factors, personality traits, genetic factors and so on. The principle of treatment of the disease is psychotherapy, with drug treatment.

coronary heart disease is a kind of heart disease caused by coronary artery stenosis or occlusion. Patients with coronary heart disease will have angina pectoris, abnormal shortness of breath, fatigue and other symptoms. The treatment methods are mostly drug therapy and surgical treatment.

myocardial ischemia is a disease caused by insufficient myocardial blood supply and oxygen supply. Emotional excitement, overwork, smoking and drinking are all the causes of myocardial ischemia.

patients with myocardial ischemia can choose platelet drugs and calcium antagonists for treatment, at the same time, should avoid overwork in weekdays, pay attention to rest.

we all know that the heart is a very important organ. Many heart related diseases are serious diseases, so we should pay special attention to the protection of the heart.

there are many ways to protect the heart, such as actively participating in physical exercise to enhance heart function and immunity, but also not excessive fatigue, exercise should be appropriate to avoid the burden on the heart. Home