The importance of pregnancy examination: pregnancy examination can not be underestimated, these three kinds of people are easy to ignore

Many families are afraid that the baby born is a mentally retarded child. In fact, this requires mothers to go to the hospital for examination in the early stage, so as to find out whether the fetus is healthy at the first time, which will have a very important impact on their future development. Today, I would like to introduce a few tests that pregnant women must do in the early stage.

during the first to 14th week of pregnancy, this NT test is necessary for all mothers. This test mainly tests the transparency of the baby’s neck. If their length can reach 2 cm, it is a normal development phenomenon. This test is very strict with the time requirements, because after 14 weeks, there is no way to check this indicator, so mothers should not miss this time. If this indicator is beyond the normal range, mothers need not worry, because it is only a screening in the early stage, which does not mean that there must be problems. It is really not true that children will have intellectual problems. Later, they can be determined by other indicators.

if mothers don’t have the time to do the test at the 14th week, or they are not qualified to do this screening, there is another test method that can verify whether the infants have mental retardation, that is down syndrome test, which starts at the 17th week, so the time will be adjusted for mothers The whole time. When this index is too high, it does not necessarily mean that the infant’s IQ is relatively low. Even if this index is very high, it can only show that the probability of suffering from this disease is very high, and it can not be completely guaranteed that the result is like this. Therefore, mothers should not be excessively anxious and nervous in the early stage, which will be more detrimental to the growth of the baby.

noninvasive DNA testing is another way to test infants’ intelligence. The testing time is not so fixed, and it can be adjusted according to the situation of the mother and the doctor’s advice. This is just enough to satisfy those pregnant women who have no time in the early stage. The same effect as this examination is amniocentesis. Many people think that amniocentesis is risky because it is necessary to extract amniotic fluid, so the risk is higher.

this is not the case. The latter method can detect all 23 chromosomes with an accuracy of more than 99%. However, noninvasive DNA testing can only guarantee the accuracy of three pairs of chromosomes. So if there are no other symptoms, you can ask the doctor, get their consent, do amniocentesis test, mothers do not worry about the risk. Because now with the continuous strengthening of medical technology, this test is only a very safe examination, as long as mothers relax, with a good attitude to meet this examination, will get very good results.

early pregnancy examination is very necessary. It can help you understand the health status of your child at the very beginning, and enable the doctor to carry out drug treatment or other nutritional supplements according to their condition. Many families are afraid that their children will have intellectual problems, because even if they are born, they are not responsible for these children. However, if the early detection has not been found out, parents should not worry too much after they are born, because as long as you take good care of them, they will have a better growth environment. No matter what kind of state the children are, they will bring you endless happiness, so don’t be too pessimistic. You should understand that in this era, many diseases will be cured slowly, only you believe that miracles can happen. For these little babies who come to you, as long as you treat them wholeheartedly, you will eventually let the warmth heal their different bodies. Focus