The key to the success of Ju Jingyi’s insistence on “beautiful girl’s design”?

Ju Jingyi, who was born in 1994, still feels like a 17-8-year-old girl. Although her height is so hard that her “Hentian Gao” almost does not leave her feet, the short girl is really too difficult. However, with the blessing of her beauty, Ju Jingyi is a proper and beautiful girl and has not run away. In order to carry out the “delicate pig girl” to the end, Ju Jingyi has made great efforts. In this era of netizens crying out and suffering from “crazy hair loss”, Ju Jingyi’s hair is more and more thick and dark. < p > < p > just for the care of her hair, Ju Jingyi has to spend a lot of thought and energy. She will take care of her hair three times a day after bleaching and dyeing. I think she pays more attention to the maintenance of her hair in her daily life. No wonder her hair is black and thick, and almost no hair seams can be seen. Ju Jingyi is quite strict in self-management. In addition to her delicate hair and dress, the most important step for a “beautiful girl” is to pursue a natural, vivid, delicate and beautiful make-up, and interpret the “pseudo plain face” to the end. This is what many netizens call “tea” flavor makeup. After taking a look at her daily make-up, it is not difficult to find that Ju Jingyi doesn’t tend to pursue heavy colored European and American makeup or light Japanese and Korean makeup. On the contrary, most of the time, her makeup is relatively simple and clear, and her style is unified. The focus is on the eye makeup part, highlighting the eye makeup is conducive to maximizing the advantages of the five senses. < / P > < p > the focus of make-up is eye make-up. Instead of repairing all the miscellaneous hairs near the eyebrows, it can make the eyebrows look thick, help to increase the visual feeling of harmless and approachable people and animals, and more importantly, it is conducive to create a “pseudo plain” makeup feeling. < p > < p > the beauty pupil used by Ju Jingyi is almost the same black type. The large ring diameter enlarges the eyes to make them more divine and bright. In addition, the treatment of eyelashes and the decoration of sequins around the eyes make up the innocent and pure eye makeup. The fine products will also find that the eye makeup has a kind of magic effect which is particularly beautiful and moving, and can make you want to cry. < / P > < p > after the eye makeup is completed, the choice of lipstick can be relatively diversified. Generally speaking, the color number of raising the color and showing the stage can be held. Ju Jingyi’s versatile “beauty makeup” can be used in most social occasions. Learn quickly ~= target=_ blank>08/16/2020