The “killer” of stomach injury has been found. Eating too much of these four kinds of fruits is equivalent to “stabbing a knife” into the stomach

Introduction: the health of the stomach is an issue that we pay more and more attention to as we grow older. We all know how happy it is to have a healthy stomach, eat whatever you want, and enjoy all kinds of delicious food. But have you noticed the food? If you eat too much, it’s like “stabbing a knife” into the stomach. You must pay attention to it! < / P > < p > the reason why we choose kiwi fruit is that it has nutritional value and unique taste, but do you know? This kind of fruit appears, very easy to cause dyspepsia, nausea and vomiting, stomach damage is also very big. < / P > < p > we always hear that eating Hawthorn nourishes the stomach, but no one knows whether it is right or not. Today I will tell you clearly that eating too much hawthorn is very harmful to the stomach. Will affect our stomach acid-base imbalance, resulting in excessive gastric acid, will corrode gastric mucosa, stomach bad people can eat less. In the peach season every year, people always buy a lot of them, which makes all the fruits at home are peaches. But is it really good to eat peaches often? not always! If you eat too many peaches, it’s easy to cause indigestion and even cause abdominal distension and vomiting! < / P > < p > our stomach has a certain acid-base balance. If the food we eat is too sour, it will break this balance and cause great harm. Tomatoes are very sour, if you eat a lot, it will not hurt your stomach! < / P > < p > we must choose a variety of foods. We should not eat them all the time just because they are delicious. This not only can’t make the body healthy, but also can’t alleviate the harm for a long time. We must pay attention to the rich and diverse food choices! < / P > < p > when it’s time to eat a meal, don’t disturb the normal diet. However, few people can do this now, mainly because of their work. Maybe you work late or busy, go to work when you should eat, work late and eat late. In the long run, your stomach is vulnerable to damage. The stomach needs careful care. According to historical records, sea buckthorn, red dates and Hericium erinaceus are ground and processed into powder, washed with water and drunk in a small bag every day, which can easily raise a healthy stomach and provide a warm environment for the stomach. Conclusion: the maintenance of the stomach is arranged in our daily life, and we can’t wait for the stomach to have problems before we go back. At that time, the stomach was already “scarred”. In order to their own and family health, we must pay attention to it, “Yangwei tea” drink, it is so simple to keep the stomach healthy. CUISINE&HEALTH