The large model weighs 180 Jin, but there is no fat, you can see the waistcoat line! Lose weight don’t look too much on weight

In our impression, models must be girls with “angel’s face and devil’s body”. If you want to be a model, if you have too much weight, you can’t do it at all. However, with the new understanding of aesthetics and figure, another sub group in the modeling industry has emerged, which is called big size models. < / P > < p > their weight makes it impossible for you to imagine that they can be “competent” in the modeling industry. For example, the Akras Lawrence mentioned today weighs 180 kg! It’s hard to imagine what a 180 kg weight would look like, and could actually become a model and have a super high influence in the fields of entertainment, health and fashion. What is unexpected is that although Akras Lawrence has a very large weight, his body proportion is very perfect, which is completely different from the 180 kg of fat that we imagine. Under such a large weight, the fat does not droop, and the waistcoat line can be seen faintly! Although she has never lost weight, she has always maintained the habit of keeping fit for more than 10 years, which makes her body still concave and convex even though she weighs 180 Jin. Her body fat is as obedient as if she is just right. She knows that she can’t be called fat even if she weighs 180 kg. < / P > < p > do we have such a question, why do I lose shape as soon as I gain weight, and my fat always grows out of place? If you can be like her, you can lose weight less painfully! With such a question, we started today’s fitness science popularization. < / P > < p > most people are still concerned about the number on the scale, so we always think that a girl’s body is only a hundred. In fact, the weight is just a number, and we can’t judge whether our body is good or not. < / P > < p > our weight, which is the number on the scale, reflects the gravity we are subjected to, including our fat, muscle, bone, water, various organs of the body, and even urine and excreta. The weight contains these things, so it is not accurate to refer to the body size. This is because the physiological characteristics of different tissues of the body are different. Usually, there is no difference. Bodybuilders can weigh more than 200 Jin, but we can never describe them as fat. < / P > < p > a person’s external body shape is affected by the ratio of muscle and fat, that is, body composition. This is because the density of muscle is far greater than that of fat, which will make the volume of muscle and fat under the same weight completely different, because the density of fat is much smaller than that of muscle, which is about twice the volume of muscle under the same weight. Therefore, if two people of the same height and weight, the one with more muscle content must look thinner, have smaller body circumference, and the one with more fat content will look more bloated and fatter. < / P > < p > the tissues in the body grow separately from each other. The muscles in the body are at the bottom, which are directly attached to the bones. The fat is on the top of the muscles and under the skin. Such physiological characteristics also determine that muscles shoulder the heavy task of fat base. The density of muscles is relatively large. If there are more muscles in the body, they can effectively hold the fat and make fat Fat can resist gravity without sagging. < / P > < p > the fat on the chest and buttocks of girls is the most typical example. If the buttock muscles and chest muscles are relatively strong and powerful, they can effectively hold the fat on our chest and buttocks, so that they can keep firm against resistance. However, with the growth of age, the muscles of the body will gradually lose. If you do not pay attention to sports, the chest will become sagging, and the buttocks Will also become outward expansion and sagging, forming a mother’s buttocks. < / P > < p > that’s why Lawrence, a big model, has a high fat content, but it also has aesthetic and ornamental features. So if it’s hard for us to shut up, we can rely on our own efforts and stick to strength training, which will also make your body material ratio better, and even look sexier than those girls with less fat content! Focus