The Mid Autumn Festival of international students in British primary schools under the epidemic situation: Experiencing Chinese culture in schools

According to the British version, the national day of the Mid Autumn Festival will be celebrated on the same day this year, and many celebrations and gatherings have to be cancelled due to the British government’s epidemic prevention regulations. During the holidays, I miss my parents, and I am worried about the students studying abroad in England. How do they spend the Mid Autumn Festival? Abbotsholme school, located in Derbyshire, is a British private boarding school with a history of more than 100 years. The current principal once worked in Wellington middle school in Shanghai and loves Chinese traditional culture very much. He believes that children’s desire to explore the world and learn and understand the cultures of various countries will have a profound impact on their life. He encourages students to learn about different countries Family culture and local customs, establish a perfect world outlook. < / P > < p > British schools now divide students into different groups, and each group works independently. Different groups in abbotsholme school have carried out festival celebrations with different themes and forms. Niuniu is a Chinese child studying in the school. She led the students in her class to make illustrations of the Mid Autumn Festival and explained the story of the Mid Autumn Festival to the students. Such activities made her far away from her relatives and studied abroad alone. Her classmates in England were her brothers and sisters. She shared the joy of the festival with her. It is the so-called “Tianya altogether at this time”, a round of bright moon brings blessing and takes away missing. From grade 3 to grade 8, chess grammar school in the UK takes Chinese and French as compulsory foreign language courses for students. On the day of the Mid Autumn Festival, the school organizes students of different grades to participate in activities such as learning the history and cultural customs of the Mid Autumn Festival, writing brush characters, making Chinese lanterns and so on, so as to experience Chinese traditional culture. < / P > < p > a 12-year-old English child from Chase grammar school has been studying Chinese in school for 2 years. He specially writes down the origin and customs of the Mid Autumn Festival in both Chinese and English. His handwriting is neat, and he shares and learns with his classmates. Many schools in the UK also prepare delicious Chinese food for young students studying in foreign countries alone, which can help students to ease their homesickness and help them understand different cultures. Overseas students can also eat moon cakes and Chinese food which is not necessarily authentic but full of heart. Teacher Zhou from the UK’s love house guardianship agency said that in previous years, during the Mid Autumn Festival, guardianship teachers would visit primary school students. But this year, due to the epidemic situation, British schools have strict management of visitors, so they send moon cakes to students to send them warmth. “Some schools in the UK have decided to allow young international students to stay in school at Christmas. As guardians in the UK, we have also helped children prepare adequate accommodation and began to design holiday activities. We hope that children in foreign countries will have a warm Festival during the epidemic period and get good care.” Focus