The more severe the vomiting, the smarter the child? A Canadian study has given pregnant mothers the answer

For a woman, the most uncomfortable period of her life is pregnancy. Because pregnancy in October not only suffers from pregnancy reaction, but also needs to be careful in daily behavior. It is hard to think about it. < p > < p > well, when my cousin was more than two pregnant, she began to complain that “pregnancy is really not a human thing.”. Every time I hear her complain, I can’t help laughing. But my cousin said angrily, “normal people, who would like to eat every day, vomit to eat?” It’s also true that my cousin is a person with severe vomiting. Basically, she can block her throat by drinking water and feel like vomiting when she hears a little smoke. Sometimes she played a small temper, said she did not want children, too much suffering, some old people around her advised her: “the more serious the pregnancy vomiting, the more intelligent the child, bear with it.” < / P > < p > the more severe the pregnancy and vomiting, the smarter the child is? It is true that many people said so, so my cousin would quietly cheer up in her heart after hearing this kind of words: “for the sake of being smarter, I can bear to vomit even more seriously.” Every time I look at her expression, I feel very sad. As long as it is good for the children, the mothers to be can pay special attention to the words that others don’t notice. < / P > < p > after pregnancy, the hormone level in the female body will change, and a large number of hCG and LH will be secreted, which will stimulate the related nerves of the brain, making the pregnant mother very sensitive. Therefore, they will react to some food and the external smell, and it is easy to have pregnancy vomiting. < / P > < p > generally speaking, around 6 weeks of pregnancy, pregnant mothers begin to have pregnancy reaction, and most of the pregnant women start to vomit at this time, but around 8-10 weeks of pregnancy, the reaction of pregnant women will reach the peak, and then it will slowly disappear. However, whether or not pregnancy vomiting, as well as the time when it starts and lasts, is also related to the pregnant mother’s personal constitution. For example, some pregnant mothers will not vomit from pregnancy to birth, while others will vomit very seriously and will continue to give birth. < / P > < p > to this question, a Canadian study has given the answer, which reassures pregnant mothers. Researchers at the children’s Hospital in Toronto, Canada, asked pregnant mothers to take drugs that cause nausea, and then observed their nausea after using them. The results showed that there was a relationship between pregnancy vomiting and children’s intelligence. Later, they selected 121 children aged 3 to 7 for intelligence tests. After testing their memory and language skills, they concluded that the more severe a woman vomited during pregnancy, the smarter the child would be to a certain extent. However, the accuracy of this test has not been recognized because the number of objects selected for this test is limited. However, this at least gives pregnant mother a psychological comfort, and pregnancy vomiting is not a bad thing. Of course, if it is hyperemesis gravidarum, pregnant mothers should pay more attention to it. It is better to consult doctors in the hospital and do some relief treatment. < p > < p > in fact, emesis only means that the fetus has settled down in the pregnant mother’s stomach and needs a “running in” process. But the pregnancy vomiting is serious, which indicates that the hormone level fluctuates greatly, and the fetal development is not stable. Therefore, it is not accurate to say that the more severe the vomiting, the more intelligent the child is. The real impact of the real impact of fetal intelligence is the following aspects: < / P > < p > whether a child is intelligent or not is directly related to congenital inheritance. At the moment when the parents “tadpoles” combine with their eggs, the intelligence of their children has been determined. However, there are also studies that show that prenatal education has an impact on children’s IQ, so if pregnant mothers pay attention to playing music, talking and giving lectures to their children, it will have a certain effect on improving their children’s intelligence. In addition, if pregnant mothers pay attention to healthy diet during pregnancy and supplement nutrients during the important period of fetal brain development, it is helpful for their brain development. Therefore, pregnant mothers in the critical period of fetal brain development, we must pay attention to eat more food to help brain development, but also pay attention to the comprehensive intake of nutrition, not to the baby’s physical and intellectual development drag. < / P > < p > in addition to congenital factors, nurture also helps to improve children’s IQ. For example, let the children go to the Qizhi early education class, pay attention to exercise the children’s thinking ability, so that children can use their brains and think more. In the process of educating children, parents should be good at discovering their children’s advantages and helping them improve their shortcomings. Let children become confident, independent and good at thinking, and they will be better and better every day. In short, knowing the relationship between pregnancy and vomiting and children’s intelligence, as well as how to improve their children’s intelligence, pregnant mothers can make early preparations and make more efforts in fetal education and diet. When the child is born, even if it is not a very smart child, we should not be discouraged. We can also make a remedy after training. PARRENT&CHILDREN