The more three kinds of food you eat, the more blocked your blood vessels are. Avoid your daily diet as much as possible, or you will get into trouble with vascular diseases

Wang Lei, 38, has hypertension and hyperlipidemia. Stroke occurred 3 months ago, limb dysfunction, unable to walk. In the hospital for a period of time, can walk on all fours on discharge. < / P > < p > but at the beginning of September, he had a stroke again, and his family took him to the local hospital to recuperate from dyskinesia. During the examination, the doctor found that Wang Lei’s cholesterol and triglyceride levels were twice as high as when he was first hospitalized! What’s going on? < / P > < p > after investigation, the doctor found that although Wang Lei had high blood pressure and high blood lipid for four years, he always felt that he was ok, and there was no adjustment or change in his daily diet, which led to the present result. < / P > < p > high fat food is actually fatty meat, butter and other high-fat food, which is rich in saturated fatty acids and saturated fatty acids. It is also an important reason for elevated TG and cholesterol, so it’s best to eat less. < / P > < p > after being digested and absorbed by the human body, carbohydrates are converted into glucose. Glucose is the main energy substance of human body. When the body has too much energy, it turns into glycerol. Some of them are stored in the body, and some of them will combine with proteins to form lipoproteins, thus producing high levels of glycerol. < / P > < p > generally, as long as carbohydrates account for less than 55% of energy, there is no problem. But many people eat too much refined staple food, which leads to excessive carbohydrate intake. < / P > < p > for example, beverages such as cola, Sprite and milk tea, which contain a lot of sugar, may be converted into glycerol in the human body. Therefore, if you want to maintain a stable glycerin level, the daily intake of these drinks should not exceed 250 ml. < / P > < p > if we do not intervene hyperlipidemia in time, it will have a significant impact on our health and life expectancy, such as arteriosclerosis, leading to kidney, heart and brain damage. < / P > < p > friends with blocked blood vessels have high blood viscosity and abnormal metabolism. Therefore, doctors suggest that people with high blood fat can drink this kind of lipid-lowering food with water, because they contain lipid-lowering nutrients: rutin and mulberry polysaccharide, which can dilute blood, purify blood vessels and promote fat metabolism. Drink a little after every meal, can help steadily reduce blood lipids. < / P > < p > the fat content in the blood is an important factor to determine the cardiovascular “life span”. The higher the blood lipid is, the greater the damage to the blood vessels is. Therefore, obese people, especially those with abdominal obesity, should pay special attention to it, so it is necessary to control the weight. < / P > < p > friends with high blood lipids, the basic metabolic rate of the body is very slow, if no longer exercise, it will aggravate the degree of vascular blockage. Therefore, it is suggested that proper exercise can improve the body’s basic metabolic rate, prevent vascular aging, and make the body blood circulation, make people look better and healthier. In particular, it is recommended to exercise before meals to protect blood vessels. < / P > < p > but it should be reminded that only if the exercise lasts for 30 minutes, can the blood lipid be effectively reduced. If the short exercise can only consume the sugar in the blood, it can not achieve the purpose of consuming fat. < / P > < p > therefore, it is suggested that if friends do some relaxation exercise, they must continue to stick to it and continue to exercise swimming, which can help reduce blood lipids and triglycerides. In addition, you can also do more weight-bearing exercises, such as lifting dumbbells, which can reduce triglycerides. < / P > < p > staying up late can cause endocrine disorder and blood circulation problems. In addition, too much pressure or too negative emotions will cause vasoconstriction and aging of blood vessels. < p > < p > LUO Qunfang. Healthy living habits help people prevent cardiovascular health indicators [J]. Cardiovascular disease prevention knowledge, 2019:31-31= target=_ blank>Pets