The most harmful “smoke” announced that no matter how much you are addicted to it, don’t smoke it. Many people take it home as a treasure

Smoking is actually a very harmful behavior of the lung. Smoking can cause the cilia of bronchial epithelial cells to become short and irregular, and it will lead to movement disorders, which will greatly reduce the local resistance of our lungs, and it is easy to be infected. The long-term smokers suffer from various chronic diseases. In addition to the direct smokers, some passive smokers also suffer from lung injury by long-term second-hand smoking, and the results are even more serious than direct smoking. < / P > < p > many people say that they are not addicted to smoking. They can smoke a cigarette several times. They often smoke half of it and put it there. If they continue to smoke for the second time, they don’t know that it is more harmful than smoking a whole cigarette. < / P > < p > because a cigarette is put out for a long time in the air, a large amount of harmful substances have been produced, and the closer the cigarette is to the cigarette holder, the more harmful substances there are, so long-term smoking of this kind of cigarette is simply “the king of injury”. < / P > < p > If a person is addicted to smoking, he / she has to buy a lot of cigarettes every day, so he / she needs to spend a lot of money, which may cause certain economic pressure on people. Therefore, in order to save money, some smokers will like to buy some low-cost brand cigarettes. < / P > < p > however, the quality of such cigarettes is often not guaranteed, and the nicotine content will exceed the standard. If you smoke this kind of substandard cigarettes, the harm to the body may be greater. < / P > < p > some people want to quit smoking, but they can’t find a suitable method for them. At this time, some businesses saw the business opportunities and produced e-cigarettes and tea cigarettes, which are environmentally friendly in terms of name, but they are not. < / P > < p > e-cigarettes and tea cigarettes only use technical means to turn tar into steam, so as to confuse smokers and make them take it lightly. They mistakenly think that the harm caused by this kind of smoke is relatively small. However, according to the research, it is found that the harm caused by e-cigarette and tea smoke is more serious than that caused by direct smoking. Therefore, the best way to protect health is to quit smoking. < / P > < p > some women also smoke. In order to reflect the elegance of women’s smoking, some businesses will produce some slim rod cigarettes. This seemingly noble lady’s cigarette is actually a kind of confusing behavior. < / P > < p > some people think that thinner cigarettes have lower toxicity, but relevant studies have shown that this kind of cigarettes produce more toxic substances after burning than normal cigarettes, so old smokers should not be kept in the dark. < / P > < p > long term smoking will increase the risk. Some people don’t know much about lung health. If you can’t complete any of the following tests, please stop smoking. < p > < p > because nicotine and tar in cigarettes may stimulate the throat, leave traces in the lungs and affect the health of the lungs. If smoking, throat dry itching, cough more than, may be a lung distress signal, should quit smoking. < / P > < p > you can try the breath holding experiment. Hold your nose to see how long you can hold it. If it lasts more than half a minute, it means that your lungs are still healthy. If you can’t hold on for 20 seconds, it means your lungs have been seriously damaged. It’s time to stop smoking. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the lung dominates the skin and hair and opens up in the nose, indicating that the lung is a very delicate organ. People’s skin by the invasion of cold and dampness, that is, cold, nose runny nose and so on. Therefore, if the lung is seriously damaged, the oxygen intake is insufficient, and the energy transported to the whole body is blocked, that is, the body will lose weight. So, when you continue to lose weight, you must start to quit smoking. If you can’t finish the test, Congratulations! On the contrary, if you don’t complete the 4 tests, your lungs may be overdrawn, so you should quit smoking early! In the five fingers, the thumb is opposite to the lung, and the Taiyin lung meridian is connected. If the lung is healthy, you can know the answer by pressing the belly of the thumb! < / P > < p > if the rebound speed of thumb belly is fast and the elasticity is good, it can indicate that the physical strength is good and the lung qi is sufficient. Otherwise, it means that the “lung” is damaged to a certain extent, so we should pay attention to the cultivation of the lung. < / P > < p > if you want to know whether your lungs are good or not, you can run in situ for a while, let the pulse increase to 100-120 times per minute, and then stop the activity. If it can return to normal in 5-6 minutes, it indicates that the cardiopulmonary function is normal. < / P > < p > on the contrary, if you return to a normal pulse for more than six minutes, your lung function may have been impaired. < p > < p > the so-called breath holding test, which is what we usually call breath holding time, is used to determine the maximum breath holding time of the human body, to check the tolerance of the body to hypoxia, so as to reflect the quality of human lung function. < / P > < p > generally speaking, holding breath for 30 seconds after deep inspiration indicates that the cardiopulmonary function is very good, and it is also good to hold breath for more than 20 seconds. If you’re under 20 seconds, you really need to care about your lung health. < p > < p > tea drinking method: few men take the initiative to drink water. Prepare tea before quitting smoking. When they want to smoke, they make a pot of tea for themselves. This method is the best policy. Drinking tea is good for health. It can also improve health. If you can succeed, it is to lose a bad habit and cultivate a good habit. Why not? < / P > < p > mix Momordica grosvenorii, fatty sea, chrysanthemum, loquat leaves, licorice and cassia seed together to make tea bag, and then soak in boiling water for 5 minutes to drink. Insist on drinking, promote the discharge of lung toxins, clear lung and moisten lung, the effect is better, the lung will appreciate you!! < / P > < p > it’s these gold ingredients that make up of them. If you insist on one cup every day, your liver will appreciate you after 28 days! < p > < p > conclusion: quitting smoking is not a difficult task, the reason why it becomes addicted is just because of long-term dependence. People always have to challenge themselves and stick to the above method for a period of time, and may gain different self. 21 days after delivery, the pregnant woman had a new baby, but the doctor did not find it was “twins”