The most important reason for the death of primary school students in the past year

He studied in class 1, grade 6, Shuozhou experimental primary school, Shanxi Province. At about 17:00 on October 23, 2019, 11-year-old Hu Zongjie died after falling from a window at the back of the classroom on the fourth floor. < p > < p > in the external notice released on the day of the incident, the Education Bureau of Shuozhou said that Hu Zongjie “fell from the building and died after rescue”; in a later document with official seal of Shuozhou experimental primary school, Hu Zongjie was also called “falling dead”. His father, Hu Xuefeng, was told by the school that “Hu Zongjie fell down on his own”. For a year, Hu Xuefeng and his wife, Zhu Cuimei, have been trying to get written conclusions about the cause of their son’s death. According to Shuozhou Public Security Bureau, the relevant information has been reported to the Municipal Education Bureau and the school, and parents will not be informed. The Education Bureau and schools said they were “worried that parents would not be able to bear it if they knew it”. In addition, for the need of “protecting other minors in the school”, they would not announce it again. Afterwards, the school compensated the family with more than 1 million yuan. The most important thing for Hu Xuefeng and his wife in the past year is to find out the cause of Hu Zongjie’s death. They seem to be trapped in the day of their son’s death, recalling the details over and over again. < p > < p > on October 23, 2019, Hu Zongjie went home after school at noon. Zhu Cuimei regularly reported his reading situation to the Chinese teacher in the class wechat group, “Hello, Miss Liu! Hu Zongjie read for half an hour at noon. ” Zhu Cuimei was a doctor and stayed at home that night. After lunch, Zhu Cuimei remembered that Hu Zongjie said “I want to eat the stewed noodles of yesterday”, and she said “eat it when it is hot in the evening”. < p > < p > after lunch, Hu Zongjie practiced calligraphy on the copybook. This is part of his new plan for the new semester, which he wrote in his composition book: “get rid of writing and sitting posture.” He felt that his words “one word is big, one word is chicken feet”. After writing the script, he showed it to his father and went to the bedroom to read and take a nap. < p > < p > she and her husband work in hospitals and government departments respectively, with two children in the family. The eldest son lives in high school and goes home once every two weeks. The youngest son, Hu Zongjie, can walk more than 10 minutes from home to school. They believe that, like most working families, “life is simple and contented.”. At 17:06 on the same day, their life began to shake. Zhu Cuimei received a call from head teacher Jia Zhiming, “Hu Zongjie rolled down from upstairs.”. After receiving a phone call from his wife, Hu Xuefeng rushed to the school. At the school gate, he saw an ambulance crowded in among the students after school. He threw his bicycle to the side of the road and ran in. One of the parents who picked up the students said, “a child fell from the fourth floor.” after hearing this, Hu Xuefeng’s heart thumped, “can it be my child?” < / P > < p > he found that the ambulance drove to the direction of the playground, and felt worse: if Hu Zongjie rolled down the stairs, the ambulance should go to the front of the teaching building, why go to the back of the building Maybe the ambulance has something else to do with it? < / P > < p > he still chose to follow the ambulance. Hu Xuefeng walked straight through the green space and saw a student in a gray coat lying on his back on his back with his schoolbag still on his back. He felt his head buzzing, “it’s my child.”. The ambulance also arrived, and the doctor and nurse took Hu Zongjie to the car after emergency treatment. Hu Xuefeng followed up, shouting “Hu Zongjie.”. Hu Zongjie did not answer a word, but his eyes gathered on his father’s face and returned to a numb state. Hu Zongjie was sent to Shuozhou Third People’s hospital. This is also the place where Zhu Cuimei has worked for more than 20 years. Hu Zongjie often comes to visit and many doctors and nurses know him. < / P > < p > “the child of Dr. Zhu’s family is a very lively child.” A doctor who participated in the rescue recalled that at that time, the shift was on, and many doctors and nurses were in the unit and participated in the rescue. After receiving a call from the head teacher Jia Zhiming, Zhu Cuimei drove to the school. She heard that the ambulance had taken the child to the hospital, and then quickly returned. At the sight of Hu Zongjie lying in the rescue room, she instantly “collapsed” and burst into tears. < p > < p > after more than 40 minutes of rescue, Hu Zongjie left the world with “no recovery of heart sound, no spontaneous breathing, bilateral mydriasis and fixation, and cardiac arrest”. In this year, Hu Xuefeng’s temples and Zhu Cuimei’s hair were covered with white hair. One of them is 47 and the other is 48. Once, a neighbor saw Zhu Cuimei and said, “what do you look like?” Zhu Cuimei bent her back. Her face was dark and her hair was white. Zhu Cuimei never returned to her original home, but rented a house near her eldest son Hu Zongxi’s school. Even if something happened, she would bypass the old house. In the old house, Hu Zongjie had two bottles of open coke and juice with straws on his desk. This is from his brother. Hu Zongxi comes home from school every two weeks, takes his brother’s favorite drink and sits in the bedroom for a while. < p > < p > Hu Zongjie likes to read books. His small bedroom is still in its original state, and books are waiting for by his pillow. In his later composition, a classmate wrote, “his Chinese is very good and knowledgeable. The Chinese teacher has to give him three points, and I have to give him eight points.” After the incident, the bad news spread rapidly in this prefecture level city with less than one million permanent residents. On the same day, Hu Zongxi heard in the school that “someone fell from a building in the experimental primary school.”. After a few days, his parents told him that it was his brother who fell. For a time he felt in a dream. There is a difference of six years between the two brothers. Hu Zongxi is introverted and does not like to talk. On the contrary, his younger brother, on the contrary, describes Hu Zongjie as “cheerful and lively” in other students’ compositions. < / P > < p > the family can’t think of it, “how can a good person go to school at 2:30, and it will be gone at 5:00”. The cause of Hu Zongjie’s death has become their heart knot, “there must be a reason for the fall?” According to the diagnosis report and medical images of Hu Zongjie, 11 parts of his body were affected. Among them, the most fatal fracture was eight ribs on his right side, which pierced the lung, resulting in “double lung collapse”, dyspnea and suspected heart rupture. The injured parts were concentrated in the chest, abdomen and pelvis, but the feet and legs were not injured, and there was no large impact injury to the head. The family members had doubts about “self falling”. Zhao Zhijie, the principal of Shuozhou experimental primary school, told them orally three days after the incident that “the child died of his own death because of his poor math test scores”. < p > < p > “the word” suicide “is not pleasant to hear. In general, it is called” self falling ” An insider in Shuozhou’s education system, who asked for anonymity, told the China Youth Daily. reporter that this basically identified Hu Zongjie as “jumping off a building to commit suicide.”. < p > < p > on October 22 this year, Zhao Zhijie, in an interview with a reporter from Zhongqing daily and, said that the public security organ had handed over a 4-page investigation report to the school, “it is inconvenient to tell Hu Zongjie’s parents about the detailed situation, and they are worried that they can’t bear it. In addition, the report involves the inquiry records of other students, and is worried that parents will see the party and bring secondary harm.” < / P > < p > “I won’t let it out, it’s bad for everyone.” Shuozhou City Education Bureau Director Liu Guilong said in communication with family members. In an interview with Zhongqing daily,, he explained that this was mainly due to the consideration of protecting the families of the victims and avoiding the secondary victimization of the students present at that time. Hu Xuefeng and Zhu Cuimei couldn’t accept that “they were scolded by their mother because of their poor math test scores”. They said, “the sixth grade mathematics teacher changed to the head teacher Jia Zhiming, and this is just two months of class.” there is no way to know which time the exam refers to. Hu Xuefeng turned out the mathematics paper of Hu Zongjie’s final examination last semester, and the score was 85.5. One of the certificates on his bedroom wall is the “math king” award which was stamped with the official seal of Shuozhou experimental primary school on June 1, 2017. They think that although this does not mean that Hu Zongjie is good at mathematics, it can also show that he is not very poor in mathematics. Even if, as the headmaster said, the examination results were poor, Hu Zongjie’s psychology was not so fragile. Zhu Cuimei said that they did not exert pressure on the two children’s study. “Happy is good, just go to primary school, why should we put pressure on the children?” Hu Xuefeng did not see it until about a year later. On October 20, 2020, he went to the Shuozhou City Public Security Bureau to collect his son’s schoolbag and other relics. A police officer handling the case said that if the parents did not approve of it, he could apply for handwriting identification. Whether you approve it or not, we have adopted it as evidence. The sentence < / P > < p > blinded Hu Xuefeng. They had never heard or seen Hu Zongjie express similar words before. He and Zhu Cuimei want to know what Hu Zongjie met in his last math class. < / P > < p > the couple believe that the relevant departments should inform them of the investigation, and only give an oral notice of “self falling” to the “suddenly lost child”, which can not convince them, “whether it is a self falling, accidental falling or being pushed down by others, there is no sign at all.”. On November 4 and 5 last year, Zhu Cuimei went to the school to ask Zhao Zhijie and Jia Zhiming, and applied to view the surveillance video of that day, but failed. On the 5th, Zhu Cuimei was detained for 10 days for “disturbing the order of the unit” after she called the police at Shuozhou Experimental Primary School for “excessive behavior”. Five days later, Zhu Cuimei was suspended from execution because of her “serious condition that may endanger her life”. When Hu Xuefeng took his relics, the police in charge of the case showed him a “picture investigation analysis”. The image is a screenshot of the surveillance video recording Hu Zongjie entering the school gate, climbing the stairs, entering the classroom and leaving school outside the corridor before the fall. < / P > < p > the screen shows that all the students in the class have left the classroom before the fall. Then four pupils returned to the classroom one after another. At 16:59 that day, two students ran out in a panic. A police officer involved in the case said that the fall should have happened in this minute, and the two students went to report to the teacher. According to the police, the complete surveillance video has been transferred from Shuozhou Public Security Bureau, which is inconvenient to check and requires family members to apply to the Municipal Bureau. The nearest surveillance camera is only in the corridor. There is no monitoring equipment installed in Hu Zongjie’s classroom and around the window of his falling building, which belongs to the blind area. Zhao Zhijie explained to reporters that only those classrooms in Shuozhou city that have set up examination rooms for high school entrance examination and college entrance examination are equipped with monitoring devices. Class 1 classroom of grade 6 has no examination room, so there is no camera. < / P > < p > at that time, the school time of grade 6 was 17:30. Why were there only 5 pupils left in the classroom before 17:00? Why is Jia Zhiming not in the classroom? Zhao Zhijie explained that every Wednesday, the whole school teachers have to carry out professional learning, and the school leaves school half an hour earlier than usual, and the monitoring screen time is the equipment calibration time, which has certain errors. “< p > < p >” he actively answered questions in the first class yesterday afternoon, and the Chinese teacher Liu praised him